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Monday, December 14, 2020

NEW VIDEO! Skippy HaHa (Promo Jam by Guadalajara Joe!)

It's here! The Skippy Haha Jam video! 

Thank you to Brandi Mappycamper, Jess Messin' Jess Pfohl, Greta, Clark, Kevin, Sugarhoney, and Iceman for dancing and baton twirling! I love you all!

And a giant thank you to Guadalajara Joe for creating this timeless heirloom, it's beyond my wildest dreams. 

Skippy Haha. Skippy Haha ha.



Thursday, January 26, 2017

WTF Wednesday: Thursday Edition - On Shrooms at Ikea - Guadalajara Joe

Swedish meatballs fly around everywhere in sight!

Check out the crazy WTF newest funnest video from Guadalajara Joe - On Shrooms at Ikea!

Guady's silky Adidas rainbow paraglider shirt is from Skippy Haha Vintage!

Also if you like what you just saw and want to hear more, stream Guadalajara Joe's new album ('or more like a group of songs'), "Children of the Corn Dogs" here at bandcamp for the low, low price of zero dollars.  

(This week is GJ's birthday, so if you'd like to kick him a few bucks, that's cool too!)

I think we can all use some more laughing, singing, shrooms, and nuts dancing in capri pants and aquasocks in our lives right about now! 

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

WTF Wednesday: Food Raps, Football Bunny, Stripper Spaniel

Good morning, Wednesday! Good morning, WTF!

Let's begin with a music video some friends made for a rap project called Food Raps - they rap about food. This may not be appropriate for the very young or the very sensitive: South of the Border

Featuring  Chad Galactic, Vitamin D (Dave Brogan of ALO), and animated by Josh Clark (Tea Leaf Green) - there's a whole lotta WTF goin on there. I hope their next food rap is about nuts, because that's what they are.  An entire CD filled with food raps may be found here.

Moving on to vintage WTFery, here's a quarterback bunny, with holes cut in the helmet for his ears. 

rabbit football

Another totally normal Easter-inspired figurine. 

easter doll

A very old jewelry box with a cocker spaniel who appears to be stripping? A mink stole? 

cocker spaniel

Last but not least, a pair of cats in a blanket.  Watching you, always watching you.

cat art

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions. 

For more vintage wtf wonders (for sale), click here: vintage wtf

New WTF this week:

Friday, November 13, 2015

Behind the T-shirt: San Nicolas Island Sweatshirt

I found this 70's San Nicolas Island souvenir hoody sweatshirt recently, and never having heard of the place, did some googling.

Turns out it's one of the Channel Islands off the coast of central California, known for the story of Juana Maria, the Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island.

Basically in the 1830s, her island was invaded by Russian fur trappers, and then soon evacuated by missionaries from Santa Barbara, but she somehow missed the boat.  She survived on San Nicolas Island alone for 20 years, in a hut made of whale bones, until she was found and brought over to Santa Barbara in 1853, where she smiled and and sang songs and was very happy, by all accounts.

Until she died 7 weeks later from dysentery.

Link to the sweatshirt here: 70s vintage San Nicolas Island raglan hooded sweatshirt

Wednesday, July 09, 2014


High Sierra Music Festival jammed on this past weekend in California.

I was not there, but a slew of Skippy Haha Vintage shirts made the trip.

Behold members of ALO and Tea Leaf Green happily sporting SHV torso shields on stage.

photo by Wally Meerschaert

(L to R) Josh Clark in Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt, Bo Carper in vintage western, Trevor Garrod in embroidered 70's western, Steve Adams in Hot Tub t-shirt, and Dan Lebowitz in picnic gingham button down.

Viva rock!  Festivaaaaaaal!

Friday, December 20, 2013

olive and friends

i think photo calendars are a FUNctional and often hilarious present. i like them.

dogs like them too!

big thanks to betsylife for sharing a yearful of puppy pics!

starring adorable black lab puppy olive, and her big sister tally.

nacho approves.

pouncey approves too.

the dachshund i think is named boozer. i have no real life experience with dachshunds (weiner dogs), though i know that one of them bit kevin in the nose when he was a little kid. so now i think they're pretty funny and awesome.

check out betsylife for more puppy pictures, great recipes, and moooooore! 

*ps - dogs were enticed into kissing olive through the magic of coconut oil. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

roller derby

this weekend the WFTDA (women's flat track derby association) held a tournament at the civic center downtown asheville.

my old friend A-lisa from your favorite kickball team, the san diego kitshickers, is now a member of the chicago roller derby team, the windy city rollers. she goes by 'sargentina' and her job is to kick ass, and she is really good at it. she was an all-star from day one on the kitshickers, and nothing is different on the windy city rollers. 

last i saw alisa, (right) she was ho-downing, now she's downing ho's

i got to hang out with her for a couple of days, and pouncey was allowed to sleep outside of his crate for one night and snuggle with her. he fell in love and will never be the same!

pouncey drooling over sargentina's playing card

windy city had to finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd this weekend in order to make it to the championships in november. they lost in a white knuckle heartbreaker saturday, but last night they squeaked by minnesota to clinch the 3rd spot!

it was really mind-blowing and exciting watching their bout. these women are extremely intense. extremely agile. extremely powerful. the score is constantly changing, as they get a point for each player that their 'jammer' passes on her trips around the track. it's pretty confusing for a new fan, but very exciting. i can't believe the small amount of padding that they wear, considering the speed they're moving and the concreteness of the floor.

i wouldn't want to try to break that line!
 it's always great to see old friends, especially when they're doing interesting things!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

nacho & guacamole

i won a contest!

from the fantastic site betsylife, partnered with wholly guacamole.

a cooler just showed up at the door full of vacuum sealed guacamole and salsa!

fiesta! foreva!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

RIP grace haley

grace was the black lab bitch of my friends jimmy and betsy in san diego. 

it's because of grace that i even have those wonderful friends from san diego. she lived across the street, and of course was so cute that she was irresistible, and in a crazy tiny world coincidence, we realized she had lived in chapel hill the same time that i had, i remembered seeing her outside jimmy's house in chapel hill, and she had been bred with a dog from holden's very kennel in raleigh.

grace haley

grace was so eager to please. also eager to eat, eager to swim, eager to snore, eager to ride in the car, eager to dive for koozies, really just eager to please.

grace flying

she was the only dog deemed well-behaved enough to be the kitshicker's mascot. she came to all the games and practices, wore a t-shirt, and never chased and popped a ball, unlike nacho and holden.

grace pauly g thumpy

she wore a mini sombrero.

mascot grace

she checked to make sure friends were alive after wine tours. 

grace stefan 

rest in peace sweet doggie!


Monday, May 21, 2012

best weekend ever

ALO came to town on friday armed with a new album and ready to liberate the animals of asheville for the first time with california beach funk love.

it was keyboardist zach gill's birthday. i happily provided some balloons and cakes in the shape of dogs, straight from ingles. they all made it to the stage of the orange peel later.

unicorn balloons

also 2 of 4 members wore skippy haha vintage shirts on stage. if it's free i'll take it!

go to their site. buy their new (awesome) album. (sounds like this) and go see them live if they come to your town! you will smile. and dance. and feel one with humanity. and happy to be alive. and smile some more.

livin in a plastic bubble and it's GOOD!

time lapse video of the making of their backdrop. 

next night was jack white. guitar master. rock god. hotel yorba sing-a-long. all girl band. no photos allowed.

jack white

believe the hype.

Monday, January 02, 2012

new print available - napa valley

this image just absolutely blows me away. 

if you or somebody you know has been to napa valley and had a good time, you might need to hang this image on your wall. i think this print is incredibly beautiful and dynamic. click on it to enlarge. and get lost inside.

it is from Oakville appellation in the Napa Valley, specifically it is on Oakville Cross Road, facing Howell Mountain to the east and Mt. St. Helena to the north. The vineyards in the photo, I believe, belong to Plumpjack, Groth, and Miner. It is comprised of 28 images.

print available for extremely reasonable price. makes an unbelievable present. contact me or jay directly for more info. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wait your turno

i love this time of year!

it's warm. and green. and gold. and growing.

we are taking a train from south carolina to louisiana for jazzfest this weekend.

ALO and Tea Leaf Green are playing a show at Tipitina's that starts at 1AM on my birthday.

i can barely wait my turno!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

link roundup

here are some things i'm loving on the internet recently:

  • jay archibald's latest project, kaleidoscopic fine art set to music - "scope aesthetic":

Friday, January 21, 2011


new video from ALO! riding on the head of a giraffe!

made by guadalajara joe!

ALO's robes courtesy of skippy haha vintage!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

free shirts, spam, cheers to betsy

in an effort to keep this blog un-spammy, i started a new blog just for the vintage shirts i'm selling.

skippy haha vintage blog

it doesn't mean i'll never post here about shirts, or peanut butter stash safes, or whatever, but i'm going to try to keep them separate.

BUT the bloggers who so kindly took me up on the offer of free shirts in exchange for bloglove will be posted over there and here, because i think they're interesting.

without further ado, it's betsylife!

betsy is awesome. she will make you smile, smile, smile. in real life and on the internets.

she posts daily. super fresh recipes, some simple, some not. all with mouth-watering photos. she's full of tips on cooking and enjoying life in general. she's also an amazing painter. totally inspiring.

back when i lived in san diego, she was one of the most beautiful and creative t-shirt models around - always willing and able to go the distance for the shot, so help her jesus.

she's the first to take me up on the offer of free t-shirts for bloggers.

check out her post here.

thanks so much and cheers, betsy!

Friday, January 07, 2011

road to shambala

everyone is lucky, everyone is kind

Monday, December 20, 2010

wine country

it's noon on a saturday.

you're in an SUV limo with 15 people you just met, going from winery to winery in temecula, california.

you start making out with one of the people in the back seat.

this is the reaction.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

nacho's first day - july 2003

how did i not eat him?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

kelsey in a chair

it is with sad fingers i report last week's passing of mappycamper's sweet, smart, calm, submissive, beautiful, faithful companion kelsey dog of goleta.

she lived a FULL 15.5 years and gave much joy and peace to all those who met her. she was a princess but not fussy. she sat in chairs and observed while the riff raff sniffed butts.

2010 was a tough year for furry friends. i believe kelsey is now running through a heavenly field with holden and yoshi. according to the very wise trevor garrod of tea leaf green, if that's what makes you happy, it doesn't matter if it's true.

at the same time, i have to welcome to the world SO MANY new babies! there have been 6 new arrivals in the past 2 months, and all the babies are healthy and thriving and adorable. and all the moms are healthy and thriving and adorable too.

i love the sweet unusual girls' names my friends have used - there's twins keira and marla leen, leila sacks, and selah raleigh. aren't they just lyrical wonders?

then there's the boys - emmitt glidewell and yesterday's addition jack radey. maybe not as lyrical, but definitely catchy. and catchy names correspond to success in life.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

don't call what you're wearin an outfit

in honor of "day in the life of one girl" and all her cute, creative outfits - here is what i wear on a daily basis during the winter. 30 year old hoodies, 10 year old sweatpants. usually for 2 days at a time. and usually matching the banner of this website.

i feel clammed up about things to post here lately, so instead i'll direct your attention to other sites i find fun to visit.

betsylife has good recipes and upbeat musings from sun diego. also cute dogs.

the bugg blog has dramatic heartfelt posts about local asheville bloggers and politicos. also cute dogs.

the blue blog has descriptive and insightful posts about friends on a journey adventure from santa barbara to find their place in the pacific northwest. i am living vicariously through tyler's words as i also entertain the notion of moving to portland, seattle, and bellingham during some future era of my life. 

hyperbole and a half is completely freakin hilarious. that's not hyperbolic. 

here's a link to the drive-by truckers song "outfit" - link

You want to grow up to paint houses like me, a trailer in my yard till you're 23
You want to be old after 42 years, keep dropping the hammer and grinding the gears

Well, I used to go out in a Mustang, a 302 Mach One in green.
Me and your Mama made you in the back and I sold it to buy her a ring.
And I learned not to say much of nothing and I figured you already know
but in case you don’t or maybe forgot, I’ll lay it out real nice and slow

Don’t call what your wearing an outfit. Don’t ever say your car is broke.
Don’t worry about losing your accent, a Southern Man tells better jokes.
Have fun but stay clear of the needle. Call home on your sister’s birthday.
Don’t tell them you’re bigger than Jesus, don’t give it away.

Six months in a St. Florian foundry, they call it Industrial Park.
Then hospital maintenance and Tech School just to memorize Frigidaire parts.
But I got to missing your Mama and I got to missing you too.
So I went back to painting for my old man and I guess that’s what I’ll always do

So don’t try to change who you are boy, and don’t try to be who you ain’t.
And don’t let me catch you in Kendale with a bucket of wealthy-man’s paint.

Don’t call what your wearing an outfit. Don’t ever say your car is broke.
Don’t sing with a fake British accent. Don’t act like your family’s a joke.
Have fun, but stay clear of the needle, call home on your sister’s birthday.
Don’t tell them you’re bigger than Jesus, Don’t give it away.

Don’t give it away