Friday, April 19, 2024

Horns for Health!


The concept is very simple - turn negativity into laughs.

The method involves bicycle/clown horns. 

Rule 1 is Everyone Consents. 


Only 1 Rule because it may only take 1 honk!

Everyone gets a horn that makes a funny honk noise. 


Everyone agrees to honk the horn when someone else says or does something that is ______ (this is what you all consent to beforehand.) 

Common honk reasons are for "negativity" or "being unnecessarily critical." 


Instead of holding resentment, honk away negativity!

The honk noise may make pets flinch. A 1 inch magnet at the horn's end - aka Pet Mufflers - will muffle the sound.



Lanyards may be helpful to carry the horn around. 


Happy honkers Greta and Clark Walker endorse H4H!




Horns available at many places online and in dusty garages around the world!


COMING SOON: A very limited number of new branded Horns for Health horns may possibly be available for purchase in May 2024.

Sunday, April 07, 2024

Improvised Sunglasses

"Snowblindness is caused by brilliant reflections or glare from the snow. It can occur even on foggy or cloudy days. The first warning of snowblindness comes when you no longer detect variations in the level of ground, followed by a burning sensation of the eyes. Later your eyes pain when exposed to even a weak light. Prevention is the best cure, but if you are stricken, complete darkness is your best medicine. Wear your sunglasses or other material with narrow eye slits cut in it (fig 185)."

Improvised sunglasses x 3

 Using an iPhone, banana peel, and concert ticket


Adapted from US Army Field Manual 1970 "Survival."


Safety third! Everyone be careful with the eclipse tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 03, 2024

True Crime Jesus Trinity

"Luminol don't lie"

"The husband did it"


"Lie detectors are bullshit"

These are three universal truths gleaned from years of true crime watching 

All 8x10 acrylic on canvas 

Skippyhaha studihohos.