Tuesday, April 30, 2013

time flies...

...when you're taking oatmeal baths every 3 hours! 

my case of poison ivy is definitely on its way out the door.

as somebody who doesn't like to take baths, this whole oatmeal bath thing has been a real eye-opener. they work!  i feel like a blueberry floating in a bowl of cream of wheat, but they work!

they have me in good enough shape to avoid steriods and still enjoy today! the weather is lovely, i plan on working this morning, going for an afternoon hike with pounceters, going to dinner downtown, and then going to see dawes and bob dylan at the civic center tonight with calvin my love, and my two best girlfriends lindsay and michelle!

if you're lucky and you know it, clap your hands! (clap clap)

Friday, April 26, 2013

pouncey sucks pillows

pouncey sucks.

he sucks on his bed. he gets a corner in his mouth and sucks on it. sometimes he falls asleep with his bed in his mouth.

we always say 'pouncey, stop sucking on grammie's bed' (the bed was a christmas present from grammie), but the sucking doesn't stop.

he isn't chewing or shredding it, he is just sucking on it. for long periods of time.

i just googled "dog sucks on pillow' and the conventional wisdom seems to be that dogs who are taken from their mothers too soon may suck on pillows. like sucking thumbs. a security thing.

pouncey was taken from his mother at 5-6 weeks since she was too old to make enough milk for all the puppies.

and now he sucks on his bed instead. 

pouncey eating the dog bed

poison ivy

i am covered in poison ivy. all over my torso. ALL OVER my torso. itchy blisters. increasing intensity. appeared on monday, they are still getting worse 4 days later.

spent a half hour pulling weeds last weekend and will now spend the next 2 weeks in pure unadulterated urushiol hell.

the first time in my life i got poison ivy was last year after doing yard work. i've hiked and camped all over in and out of the woods for 36 years in shorts and short sleeves and never got poison ivy a single time. as soon as yard work entered the picture last year i've been plagued to some degree.

 i am politely recusing myself from doing any yardwork for the rest of my life.

i will plant food in the garden, and tend to the plants, but i am never pulling weeds again. chopping down unspecified jungle growth is not happening again. absolutely is not worth it.

i love doing yard work. i love making the yard look nice. i love watching the progress. i love how immediate the gratification is.

i cannot live 6 months of every year in itchy pain.

i have a friend tyler in california who told me a few years ago he could not move to asheville because of the poison ivy. at the time i thought he was kind of nutty. now i understand. all this beautiful bountiful natural wonder with hidden shiny red blistering biting side effects.

kevin is calling me 'bubble boy' and i feel like a whining, complaining wuss, but god DAMN this shit is terrible.

any poison ivy cures, natural or unnatural, lay em on me. i would much rather the rash hurt than itch. i can handle pain, it's the itchiness that is waking me up at night and generally driving me batty. 2+ weeks is a long harsh payment for 30 minutes of yard work.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

jesus of puppies

we are still working on the trick where he turns this water into wine

sun thru the trees
spinart by kevin

for some fun arts &crafts, take a paper towel, pens and magic markers, and a lazy susan. add water and spin!

Friday, April 12, 2013

inside the skippy haha vintage warehouse

skippy haha vintage warehouse by skippy haha

new post today on my vintage blog with photos of where and how i keep all the vintage clothing:

A Look Inside the Skippy Haha Vintage Warehouse


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

this is fuzzy

i was cleaning my only pair of glasses yesterday and they snapped in half. 

no combination of pipe cleaners, twist ties, scotch tape, and/or medical tape could get them back together again.

i called the eye doctor where i had been only one time in september of 2010 for these glasses, and they had no open appointments all week, but were so kind as to come in and open the store 15 minutes early for me this morning. how nice is that!?

they did the whole eye exam at 815AM, everything is fine, and i picked out new glasses, and also prescription sunglasses for the first time.  they put a rush on the glasses which should be ready tomorrow. 

until then, everything's slightly hazy, computing is giving me a headache, and i can't see the wrinkles on faces.

i recommend envision eyecare on charlotte street. flexible friendly people, great choice of frames!

Saturday, April 06, 2013

seriously this dog

very watchful

Thursday, April 04, 2013

happy birthday ELI doggy!

happy 9th birthday to everybody's favorite choco-mutt, eli!

even though he is a mutt, we let him come inside when it is raining. or snowing.

just kidding! the birthday otterhound is snuggled on the couch pillows right now. snoozing while he waits for a walk in the woods and some meat.

Monday, April 01, 2013

pouncey at the insane asylum

for those following along at home with the pouncey calendar - it's time to flip to april!

you may notice this picture, of pouncey 7 weeks old in front of a crumbling building.

that building is the old VA hospital.

it has been closed since the 60's, though they used it in the 80s-90s as a halloween haunted house.

i've been told that it is still standing because it's full of asbestos and the cost to properly demolish is prohibitive.

more information and photos: abandoned places livejournal

the new VA hospital is functioning across the street.

insane asylum pouncey