Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wait your turno

i love this time of year!

it's warm. and green. and gold. and growing.

we are taking a train from south carolina to louisiana for jazzfest this weekend.

ALO and Tea Leaf Green are playing a show at Tipitina's that starts at 1AM on my birthday.

i can barely wait my turno!


kid D said...

Very nice. I've always wanted to go to Jazzfest. I will be in Louisianna this weekend as well. I'll be in Bossier City (right by Shreveport) for a wedding. I hope Saturday proves to be the best birthday to date!

mappycamper said...

jealous !!! i was supposed to go to jazzfest with jojo, but i backed out because i am going to visit the mason's in anchorage alaska instead. have a GREAT time !!!

skippy haha said...

@kidD - have fun! take lots of pictures - i'd love to see a pretty pretty princess wedding in bossier city, LA. i imagine 'steel magnolias.'

@mappy - NO WAY! wish you didn't back out! but alaska - how can you turn up that chance? miss you! XOXOX

kid D said...

the steel magnolias reference is extremely appropriate. the dress code for the rehearsal dinner is cowboy boots and jeans. i might be from oklahoma, but i don't own any cowboy boots.