Friday, December 20, 2013

olive and friends

i think photo calendars are a FUNctional and often hilarious present. i like them.

dogs like them too!

big thanks to betsylife for sharing a yearful of puppy pics!

starring adorable black lab puppy olive, and her big sister tally.

nacho approves.

pouncey approves too.

the dachshund i think is named boozer. i have no real life experience with dachshunds (weiner dogs), though i know that one of them bit kevin in the nose when he was a little kid. so now i think they're pretty funny and awesome.

check out betsylife for more puppy pictures, great recipes, and moooooore! 

*ps - dogs were enticed into kissing olive through the magic of coconut oil. 

1 comment:

Betsy said...

haha! You were my inspiration. I'm sadly on the last month of my Pouncey calendar and just had to send one your way. Boozer is the weenie and he is lazy, snuggly, wrinkly and overall hilarious. Happy Holidays friends and dog friends!!