Wednesday, October 31, 2012

this is what halloween in the 70s looked like

snow capped fall color

also a roof with sun tunnels

Thursday, October 25, 2012

chris smither

chris smither

i won another contest!

my answer "new orleans" gained me 2 tickets for the chris smither show last night at the grey eagle from the sweet blog ashvegas.

i love his songwriting. the lyrics ring true. i love his guitar playing. his fingers are confident.

 "Leave the Light on"
If I were young again, I’d pay attention
To that little-known dimension
That tastes of endless time
It's just like water, it runs right through our fingers
But the flavor of it lingers
Like a rich, red wine

In those days we were single – and we lived 'em one by one  
Now we hardly see ‘em – they don’t walk - they run
But I got plenty left I’ve set my sight on
Don’t wait up - Leave the light on
I’ll be – home - soon

I’ve never seen my life in such a hurry  -  
But if I start to worry – 
I get left behind
It’s like a party, but you don’t get invitations – 
and there’s just one destination
You better be on time

For years we rhymed in couplets - 
And we sang ‘em two by two
Now we hardly rhyme at all – but here’s a few
And if they hurt, there’s bullets left to bite on 
Don’t wait up - Leave the light on  -  
I’ll be – home - soon

That drummer in my head needs inspiration
There’s a lack of syncopation – 
the holes need to align.
It’s just so hard to leave these cages that we think in
By stages we just sink in - 
to a slow decline

For years we lived in waltz time – 
and we danced three by three
Now it’s hard to dance, but if you'll stick with me –
We’ve got what we need to spend the night on -  
Don’t wait up - Leave the light on  - 
I’ll be – home - soon

These races that we’ve run were not for glory - 
No moral to this story –
We run for peace of mind 
But the race we’re running now is never-ending. 
Since space and time are bending, 
There’s no finish line - 

But I'll live to be a hundred  - 
I was born in ’44 -  
32 to go, but I ain’t keepin’ score - 

I've been left for dead before  - but I still fight on – Don’t wait up  
Leave the light on
I’ll be home soon

I been left for dead before  - but I still fight on Don’t wait up 
Leave the light on
I’ll be home soon

the show ended with this cover "killin' the blues"

good lord 

live music is best

Saturday, October 20, 2012

happy 40th anniversary

40 years!

that's longer than i've been alive!

what are they drinking here? bourbon? cranberry juice?

my dad's tuxedo is brown.

my mom is barely 21 years old. 

this is what weddings looked like in 1972. patterns, accordions.

this is what weddings in the 70s looked like

 here's wishing the lovely couple 40 more years of wedded bliss! 

parents married

Thursday, October 18, 2012

nacho & guacamole

i won a contest!

from the fantastic site betsylife, partnered with wholly guacamole.

a cooler just showed up at the door full of vacuum sealed guacamole and salsa!

fiesta! foreva!

autumn is a second spring...

...when every leaf is a flower - albert camus

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

happy birthday DAD

happy birthday to the greatest DAD, aka big popi!

this picture reminds me of what my brother chris looks like these days - exhausted but full of love!

Saturday, October 06, 2012


would like you to throw that ball

Friday, October 05, 2012

self portrait shadow

mushroom ball paw

Thursday, October 04, 2012

fall colors pouncey

fall seems pretty early this year. but it's pretty pretty too.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

don't drink the kool aid

this ad is from 1975.

"so do something sweet for yourself. save yourself some money. mix your sugar with our unsweetened kool-aid."

what kind of craptastic advice is this?