Monday, December 14, 2020

NEW VIDEO! Skippy HaHa (Promo Jam by Guadalajara Joe!)

It's here! The Skippy Haha Jam video! 

Thank you to Brandi Mappycamper, Jess Messin' Jess Pfohl, Greta, Clark, Kevin, Sugarhoney, and Iceman for dancing and baton twirling! I love you all!

And a giant thank you to Guadalajara Joe for creating this timeless heirloom, it's beyond my wildest dreams. 

Skippy Haha. Skippy Haha ha.




Anonymous said...

excellent video! man, cheney has got some great dance moves

skippy haha said...

Cheney and a Pound Puppy really tie the room together

maesieearnshaw said...

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