Tuesday, May 29, 2012

RIP grace haley

grace was the black lab bitch of my friends jimmy and betsy in san diego. 

it's because of grace that i even have those wonderful friends from san diego. she lived across the street, and of course was so cute that she was irresistible, and in a crazy tiny world coincidence, we realized she had lived in chapel hill the same time that i had, i remembered seeing her outside jimmy's house in chapel hill, and she had been bred with a dog from holden's very kennel in raleigh.

grace haley

grace was so eager to please. also eager to eat, eager to swim, eager to snore, eager to ride in the car, eager to dive for koozies, really just eager to please.

grace flying

she was the only dog deemed well-behaved enough to be the kitshicker's mascot. she came to all the games and practices, wore a t-shirt, and never chased and popped a ball, unlike nacho and holden.

grace pauly g thumpy

she wore a mini sombrero.

mascot grace

she checked to make sure friends were alive after wine tours. 

grace stefan 

rest in peace sweet doggie!



Unknown said...

loved that pup

Betsy said...

Thank you Heather <3 Grace loved you

skippy haha said...

lots of love to you all & tally. grace was an outstanding dog. it will get easier.

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

precious little face in that last picture. All dogs go to heaven!

kid D said...

i remember that i confused betsy's name with grace's name and called betsy "grace". everyone was cool. grace was very sweet.

skippy haha said...

so funny kid D!