Friday, March 31, 2006

take me hombre

Thursday, March 30, 2006

plaque in las vegas

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

careful how you act

lazy shifty scattered self-serving
a cheesy thin mustache & oh what a nerve
you're juggling bowls
smiling for the cameras
dreaming of wearing the crown
stepping on all that you can
never hesitate to drop a name
treat them like pieces in your own little game
you'll see who's around
when it's dark & you can't move

Monday, March 27, 2006

jimmy the haley

congratulations weege & beccarina!


i said howdy, he said hi

Saturday, March 25, 2006

one of a swarm of monarchs

Friday, March 24, 2006

addicted to peanut butter

gonna have to face it - you're addicted to peanut butter

wok nacho to the zoo

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

peace haiku 9-16

think kind thoughts & they
will be returned to you as
long as you keep on

chaos collapses
bridges but then we gather
to build two canoes

plant a tomato
will it rot & fertilize
its own seeds maybe?

eat your vegetables
you'll be happy that you did
eat your vegetables

no need to be scared
when you're prepared just take what
comes & you'll be fine

i've hit in anger
red fist hit red flesh make welt
i've no right to judge

don't live in the shade
just for fear of sunburn or
you'll wither. really.

make you feel better
even if what we share is
history of pain

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

cat killer

if you're offering

Sunday, March 19, 2006

knockin round the carolina zoo in my mind

i spent a lot of time last summer listening to 'knockin round the zoo,' james taylor's song that widespread panic covers. i listened to a couple versions and also james taylor's 'carolina in my mind' pretty much on repeat & fingerpainted this:

here's a link to panic version of the song.

here's the picture with the lyrics pasted on top (it's about his time in a mental hospital - 'the zoo'):

and here it is hanging on the wall:

Saturday, March 18, 2006

keep your drinks cold and your hands dry

coffee too close to bedtime

there's a black swampy stew
bangin round in my brain
full of thuds biting through
planting shards secret pain

jaw clenches teeth
fingers clench thumb
eyelids squeezed tight
sleep will not come

the harder i try
the more that i know
that i'll never remember
to let it all go

Friday, March 17, 2006


Thursday, March 16, 2006

curious nacho and the stucco balcony

run from the pool to the air conditioner vent


maybe it's cause you need someone to listen
and he's been there to hang on every word
who's to say what does or don't go on there
those things get said not all of em get heard

your table's been nothing but a banquet
he took a tray and helped himself to more
steady as a rain you let him have it
didn't see him spill it on the floor

it's sure is nice to have him right there with ya
nighttime dark when all the noises come
he'll hold you back and echo all the whispers
and tell you that you'll never be alone

those blinders that you're wearin kinda suit you
make sure you keep em on throughout the kiss
when goodbye's daggers venom starts to shoot through
yourself will be the last thing that you'll miss

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

more exciting updates

my friend angie from clinton & bob from mineola had a baby margaret elizabeth - maggie - check her out in her incredible cuteness:

so so so so so cute

soap puffs!

cut a mango

pork you too

my favorite recipe

from the desk of bill s. preston, esq.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Laboratorio de Labradorios

i have a dream - to set up a Laboratorio de Labradorios -

a place where labs & their kin
romp & play all day on acres fenced in
set up things in their labrador way
make labrador love all labrador day

i'll be there to take pictures & submit lab reports

seeking -

  • location
  • veterinarian(s)
  • farmer(s)/dog wranglers
  • labs for rescue
  • labs to come visit like summer camp
i think there's something to be learned from whatever kind of society a bunch of labrador retrievers, basically left to their own devices, sets up for themselves.

yoga wheel haikus

yoga is just stand
there and don't hurt anyone
including yourself

everytime you go
for a ride you don't have to
reinvent the wheel

much easier than waiting tables


by, William O. Johnson

Man, she sure has a nice snap in that thing
and that look is just right.
I like that top she has on, that color sure is bright.
I only have one question for her.

Look at those lips,
my, my, my,
baby's got shapely hips
and she is top heavy too!
What am I to do? I've got to ask,

A short skirt and high heel shoes,
I can't believe her sex appeal!
Her lipstick is just the color I dreamed about,
I better make my move
before she flies away.


for something similar to listen to: "Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down" - ALO

yes makes you smile

in almost every language, saying the equivalent of the word "yes" forces you the speaker into a smile. saying the word "yes" you have to smile. a few languages yes is spoken "haha."
check it out - if you go down this list, you can't help but be smiling - yes in 550 languages website

to compare, your face isn't half as happy saying no in 550 languages.

just something i was thinking about, considering why weege is such a great nickname, and you say "cheese" to smile, stuff like that.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

america's finest city

blake russell wins big race!

my friend, frosty beverage man, told me he & his wife saw my old roomate, blake (used to be) phillips, now blake russell, yesterday after SHE WON the 15k Gate River Run in Jacksonville, Florida! go blake!

you know he's not slow

i can't find A single picture of blake from back when we lived together, but i did find this one that she took, of me & frosty beverage man, sitting in front of the house that she & i lived in, in smurf village. she thought it was funny that we'd sit at the bus stop like it was a lounge chair.

you can see her profile & talking about why she loves running on the reebok website here - click on ATHLETES, she's 2/3 way down

speedy gonzalez!

here too is a picture of frosty beverage man's cousin:

and another of frosty beverage man's friends who may or may not have in their sleep peed on or been peed on by a friend of mine, nobody knows.

anyway, congratulations blake! keep running fast!
the end.

nacho choplicker

Saturday, March 11, 2006

rainbow today

may resort to vibrance


i gave my love a cherry
hopin maybe it would make her sweet
she crushed it up right there inside my pocket
just before she threw me on the street

i gave my love a dollar
thought she'd buy some wine or something pink
she hopped on the next train bound for Memphis
that's what i get for lettin myself think

i gave my love a weekend
to show me something i can't live without
she turned round & caught me for a lifetime
taught me what sweet pain is all about

cheer at the pessimist pep rally

Friday, March 10, 2006

nobody likes fruit jokes

Holden Holden, He Is the Black Dog (Nacho, Nacho His Fur Is White)

and to see me do it flat on a ukulele:

raul flying to cabo


girl scout cookies nutritional info(little brownie bakers dot com)

hydrogenated oils nutritional info

how about the girl scouts sell organic carrots & tomatoes that they grow themselves.

smart ass

Thursday, March 09, 2006

mopeds need tripod

peace haiku 1-8

more good work gets done
when like brothers & sisters
we all act as one

there may be peace where
you are and i will do my

best to have peace here

these are dark ages
stoke the flames of truth & light
whenever you can

there's magic in the
paths between the homes of your
friends when you're little

can you remember
the very first time you saw
a dandelion

fuzzy yellow ball
darker gold in the middle
a few together

act like the person
you want to become when you
forget how to act

from december's wet
snow the green of kindness grows
towards roots that were numb

did i catch a niner in there?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

oh yeah

for some reason, sentences that start this way may not have one.

fortune teller

it's not too late
to stop the charade
wipe yourself clean
all the mess that you made

before it explodes
distrust turns to hate
the free ins & outs
meet a big metal gate

you think that you hide
you think i can't see
you've never been more than
transparent to me

i know how you'll act
i know what you'll do
they'll force out the laughter
cause i did it too

behind the false face
behind the wide eyes
lives an innocent kid
i'd hate to despise

so don't dress the truth
in the lies of the day
cause the simple fact is
i know anyway


all these hurts i didn't intend
all those times i didn't pretend
all my faults i try to defend
all the ways i refuse to bend
all my hands i didn't extend
wonder why it's come to an end

shroom's thoughts on vegas

bucky nacho

notes from crime & delinquency

here is a note between me and my friend brian hoey back in high school. i think the name of the class we were taking was called 'crime & delinquency' - seriously. the beg-a-thon mentioned in the note was our junior class fundraiser consisting of walking around with cans ("the money can") and getting change. it was wildly successful.

here's the note unadulterated:

and then here's the note with some photoshopped heads:

and here's closeups of some key players-

susan and me:

brian hoey:

another of brian:

beth is also mentioned in the note, but the picture i scanned of her didn't come out.

the end.