Friday, May 29, 2009

ditloa 2009

here's a slideshow of the 13 photos i'm submitting to DITLOA this year.

and here are all 30 i took -

Thursday, May 28, 2009

crumbier cakes

now i'm thinking it's better to have two slightly crumbier cakes than one perfect cake. because who wants a perfect cake anyway? it's the flaws that make it charming.
as my wise indonesian friend diana said:
Usually the different one make people more interested (God is so fair) like you say Nacho have smaller head and lighter weight but God give Nacho more charm that make you easily fall in love to him ^ ^. I feel Nacho charm too like I said I love his sweet look....

and you could give away some of the extra slightly crumbier cake.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

crumbier cake

crumbier cake, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

"the more you try to have your cake and eat it too, the crumbier it gets"
pearl baptist church, iron station, north carolina's_cake_and_eat_it_too says:
"The reversal of this expression helped in the identification of the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski. In the Unabomber's "Manifesto", it was written and signed " can't eat your cake and have it too. To gain one thing you have to sacrifice another." His brother David Kaczynski was able to identify Ted after reading the "Manifesto". Ted and their mother both used the more accurate but older and less popular use of the phrase."

i'm with the unabomber, it makes more sense to me saying "you can't eat your cake and have it too." either way, it's crumby, and i want both.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

stee rike two

stee rike two, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

another from day in the life of asheville

Friday, May 22, 2009

nacho bath

nacho bath, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

one from the real ditloa. self timer baby!


afternoon, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

from noon today until midnight tomorrow is 'day in the life of asheville' where i go around taking pictures of everything for a city-wide project.
this photo is not one from today but it's a scene from my life this week. so far today i've taken photos of washing the dogs and going to greenlife. hopefully i'll get some shots of porch sitting, the post office, farmers market, and superpreppy birthday party tomorrow to round out the excitement. i hope everybody has a great memorial day weekend and says thank you to the fallen soldiers who have laid down their lives for our freedom.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

this is why i see live music

tea leaf green
trevor garrod going OFF on harmonica
enthusiasm and joy
and talent
video taken this past weekend in NYC by mcortellesi

"let us go"

Somewhere in between Mobile and Montgomery
sittin’ in a gas station
trying to make some money

so we could go on down to the Gulf of Mexico
Let us go, let us go, let us go

Last night I dreamt about the girl that I left behind
If she was drunk I must have been
goin’ deaf and blind

and if I’m in Georgia again, I’ll get her by my side
and we will go, we will go, we will go

Someone’s lookin’ out for me
and he’s playing jokes and he's actin' awful mean
but he cannot stop my wonderin’
He cannot stop my wanderin’

Fixed my eye against the sky, was worried ‘bout tornados
but I spent the night in a trailer park
just a mile up the road

and if I could survive that without a cyclone attack
I would go, I would go, and I would go

I would go, and I would go, and I would go
I would go, and I would go, and I would go
I would go, and I would go, and I would go

via Dgold's site - tea leaf green songbook -

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

amputee's appetite

i wonder if a person's appetite goes down after having a limb amputated in relation to the lower body mass & fewer calories it would take to support that mass.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

christ did a cow shit in here?

here's the opening line to an email i got this week:

Hi Heather!

It's Emily know the one that said "Christ did a cow shit in here?" in a nice little play and yes I believe you peed your pants on your parents dining room chair...that was me.

her family of 3 girls around the ages of my brother and me, i was oldest by a couple years, Emily was youngest by a few years, would come visit for a couple weeks in the summer and we would go to their house at bonnet shores in rhode island for a couple weeks in the summer too and we would do plays. the one she's talking about she was maybe 4 or 5 years old and i was about 8th grade and she knocked on the front door in a skit from 'kentucky fried movie' for a fake air freshener commercial, she had white hair like an angel and knocked on the door and said 'christ did a cow shit in here' and it was so funny i peed on the chair.

it was either this year or the following summer.

emily is on the left, the sign says 'politics in review,' my brother has blue eyebrows.

day in the life of asheville - may 22-23

more info here -



i take photos of everything that day.

(graphic via edgymama)

Vintage Vantage Shirt Shop & Hug Emporium!

Dawning of a new era for Vintage Vantage - a freestanding store! In San Francisco!

Check it out!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

god answers smutty's prayer

god answers smutty's prayer, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

Main Entry: smut
Function: noun
Date: 1664
3: obscene language or matter

Monday, May 11, 2009

rib cookoff

rib cookoff, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

if you're ever invited to a rib cookoff, GO!

foggy backroad

foggy backroad, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

the truth is you don't want to hear my stories, you want me to ask you about the best parts of yours.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mother's day!

may all you lovely ladies who care for younger beings be pampered and appreciated all day today! mothers make the world go round! holden & nacho just gave me a gift card to the carwash where i can finally vacuum the mounds of dog fur out of the trunk carpet - score!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

deep thoughts

it would be cool if you could run something like a wire or heating element through the center of a corn cob and heat it up and pop the corn from the inside. i wonder if it would pop off or stay attached.

Monday, May 04, 2009

big easy

new orleans was awesome, i had a stellar birthday weekend. the city is way more beautiful and cleaner than i'd imagined. many buildings are from the 1700s and have so much character. jazzfest was super, the food was super, everything was easy.

thousands of words:

the stranger on my right completely hogging my legroom

jama jama (spinach), fried plantains, chicken fricassee, hot sauce from jazzfest fairgrounds

doc watson has workingman's blues

franky & johnny's gumbo = super great

new mastersounds + dj logic = show started @3 AM incredibly high energy funkfest

north carolina's nice too.

a few more photos from new orleans here -

also i got a speeding ticket on my birthday going 80 in a 70 in mcdowell county. the lord giveth and the lord taketh away.