Wednesday, September 24, 2008

what "stud" mean?

nacho, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

i have a flickr friend named Diana from Indonesia. Diana has a beautiful golden retriever boy named Gogo. She is trying to learn English, and here's an exchange we had through comments -


Diana&Gogo says:
Yeah Nacho you are so cute and handsome.... Love your smile :-)
Posted 36 hours ago.

skippy haha says:
thanks diana! he does look like a little stud here, doesn't he?
Posted 27 hours ago.

Diana&Gogo says:
skippy haha actually I am so shy asking you this question but what "stud" mean? I try to find the meaning in dictionary (the dictionary write related with horse) I really confuse +_+. Are you trying to say Nacho look like a little Horse here?

Hehe.... I'm keep trying to improve my English. Plz be patient to my language and my question (I'm a person that never tired to learn and asking question for everything I don't understand). ThQ....
Posted 17 hours ago.

skippy haha says:
Diana, that is great, I hope i can help you learn english! I think a "stud" means a handsome male dog, that all the lady dogs want to be with! Like a movie star! If he is a STUD, he is so handsome that all the lady dogs want to have puppies with him :)! Gogo is DEFINITELY a stud!
Posted 4 hours ago.


JOHN said...

awesome! echoes of Curious N. but yeah nacho does look really big and studly in this picture has he filled out significantly or is it just the angle?

skippy haha said...

must be the angle. he still has a pea brain and i think looks like a mini lab.
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kid D said...

i love speaking with our international students. so many things get lost in translation and it makes for a really interesting conversation.