Tuesday, September 16, 2008


i heard from the vet yesterday after she got back holden's pathology tests on the tumors they removed. 5 of the 6 were benign lipomas, the 6th - the biggest one the size of the big mac over his heart - was a myxosarcoma. those have the potential to come back and spread. right now it's where the seroma is - the fluid build up - which is the size of a nerf football waterbed hanging from his chest.

she said if the tumor comes back the options are either radiation or another surgery with more 'aggressive' tissue removal. the closest place for dog radiation is in south carolina and he'd have to go back several times. i told her i would not have him radiated. i said i'd think about more aggressive surgery. she said it would be months or a year before the tumor came back and i said i'll monitor it & let her know.

because of the seromas and stitches he has been housebound for weeks now. he hasn't even gone for a walk around the block. i guess he's happy enough going from dogbed to dogbed but it seems like that's no life for a dog.

i think if it comes back, i'm not going to have him go through surgery again and i'll just let him go. you know?

i love you dog.


kid D said...

oh man skippy. as tears well up in my eyes i just want you to know that i believe in miracles. they happen, they really happen.

love ya holden.

Brian Ross said...

Don't burden yourself with any guilt no matter what decision you make skipper. I personally think it is best to enjoy the time he (and you!) have left in this world and that quality is better than quantity in terms of days. I know that it isn't easy. I'm thinking of Golden and you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lelly

Can't seem to stop crying after reading the news. Holdie's responsible for making me a dog lover.... Put some popcorn on your head & see if he thinks you're nuts...then you'll know he"ll be fine.
BIG HUGS to Holdielocks!!!

JOHN said...

i love you dog, too.

skippy haha said...

thank you all so kindly, i keep thinking there's no sense in being sad now, we just have to wait and see. come on miracle dog! put on your popcorn rally caps.

Sudeaux Lux said...

That just breaks my heart. Blessings to you both. He's a beautiful dog.

kid D said...

i think he might need a dose of matteo's salty legs.

skippy haha said...

thank you so much Susan, as beautiful as he is, he's sweeter than he is handsome.
kid d, that might be a good alternative medicine to look into. not sure mateo would be up for it. he would kind of back into a corner trying to escape the relentless lick.