Tuesday, September 23, 2008

crazy holden

crazy holden, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

holden's blood tests came back and his protein levels are low. that could be because they're flushing him out with so much water, or because something's wrong with his liver or kidneys. but the dr. says he looks perfectly fine and i can pick him up this afternoon. they want me to watch him and bring him back for more blood tests early next week to make sure it's just because all the fluids.


Anonymous said...

Hello Holden...sorry you have big tumors and that you keep getting poked by needles so much...I hope you are getting doggie treats out of it.
And your protein levels? I don’t know what that means but ask your mom to think about getting some of the yummy kibble I eat...
I am 13.5 years old and still chasin' and running for those balls. It might help with your energy too!
Woof Woof lick lick !!!! love you !
kelsey dog of america

Brian Ross said...

This picture frightens me.

kid D said...

i don't believe that is holden. how could such a gentle soul take such a scary picture?

skippy haha said...

hey kelsey dog, you fine bitch. holden is back home, under surveillance for a week. he will get lots of treats!
i know brian & kid d - he rolls on his back and looks completely demonic. this was the last photo i took of him before he ate the trailmix, i'm glad it's not his last.