Monday, September 08, 2008


poor holden. he had major surgery a week ago for his lipoma tumors, and still has stitches in for another few days, but the two biggest tumors look like they're back already. it's like the sites filled back up with fluid that didn't drain. he is going back to the vet this afternoon to get them looked at. if after all this he still has tumors the size of tangerines on his chest i will feel awful. i should have burned that $700 and just cracked him in the ribs with a sledgehammer.

in other news, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SH32! have a stupendous monday! yay being born in the year of the dragon!


kid D said...

oh man. much love to you holden.

Anonymous said...

Hey Skippy I hope the vet says that everything looks normal and those are just some water balloons holden swallowed. Paws in a crossed position again.

Thanks for your birthday wishes both here and on twitter!

Brian Ross said...

Man! Poor Holden.

Gordon Smith said...

Hiya skippy,

I'm making the rounds just in case you didn't get an email invitation. Our email database is spotty at best.

The Extravablogiversapaloozathon 2008 is September 27th, and we're hoping every area blogger will come!

Party Info here.

BlogAsheville awards nomination thread here.

RSVP thread here.

Anne said...

i hope everything turns out ok. give holden kisses for me...

skippy haha said...

thanks you all! holden's new lumps are just seromas - full of serum - and will be reabsorbed over time, and nothing to worry about. if i put a warm facecloth on them for 5 minutes a day they will go down faster. he's gonna be fine. holden says ruff ruff.

it was so sad - the lady in front of me at the vet got some 'bad news' (the vet tech told me) about her bulldog and was crying with her sunglasses on the whole time checking out at the vet front desk. everybody in the waiting room and behind the desk was crying too just seeing it. it is just so unfair that dogs only live 1/6 the time humans do.

hug your pets!

thanks for the tip gordon, anybody want to go to a blogasheville party with me? same night as kasey's party. i'm going to go for a while.