Tuesday, September 30, 2008

dogwalking question

rocky and grace's mom thinks nacho's name is taco. when she saw us coming down the street nacho got low to the ground, put his ears back, and wagged his tail so hard his whole back half swayed and she said 'it's taco! the friendliest polar bear in the world! hey taco...'
should i correct her?


Brian Ross said...

I think you should casually call him Chimichanga in her presence to totally fuck with her head.

Anonymous said...

chimichanga...that totally cracks me up !!

'here taquito...come here taguito'.


skippy haha said...

chimi is a good boy! i was laughing too hard to correct her, but i think i will next time. she can't go around thinking his name is taco. i even told her he's nacho because his ears look like tortilla chips and she still called him taco.