Wednesday, September 24, 2008

instant karma

to make up for having one of my favorite days i've ever lived last friday into saturday, i am struck now with fever, swollen glands, and ear and throatache. holden almost died. there is no gasoline to be found in western north carolina, the gulf hurricanes knocked out some pipelines, and the area is in a panic. wall street collapsed. even if the amount of fun i had caused these troubles, i would still re-live friday, over and over on repeat if i could.


kid D said...

grapefruit seed extract. 10 drops in some O.J. works every time.

skippy haha said...

innnnnteresting! i just got laundry detergent with grapefruit seed extract and i must say i am thrilled with the results. i will go get some & try it in my juice. thanks kid d!