Tuesday, August 12, 2008

would you buy

dollar store rubbers?

i would not.
(but it's a good band name)


HanzerBiscuit said...

I'm glad my coffee was empty when reading that. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Did you really find rubbers in a dollar store? Pics or it didn't happen!

This reminds me of a tragic story of a former housemate who fed his dog "dollar store" dog food. The dog died prematurely 6 months later. So tragic.

Quincy is doing better BTW.

skippy haha said...

thanks hanzerwhiskey :)

phil you are right i did not see them, i was just thinking about it. that is terrible about the dog, was it during all that dog food poisoning a couple years back? i'm glad he's better, do quincy's paws smell like fritos?

Anonymous said...


Who uses the term "rubbers" anymore? Unless, of course, you're referring to "galoshes" or overshoes. In that case, I use the term all the time and only buy my rubbers at the dollar store.

Yours in produce,
HCC Salad

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if the dog food poisoning was related. Probably was, the food was like $2 for a 40 pound bag. Buyer and dog beware.

Quincy's paws does not smell like fritos, more like iodine and paws.

skippy haha said...

HCC - i do not use the word in real life but i wouldnt go see a band called dollar store condoms, but i would go see one called dollar store rubbers! i would also see one called dollar store galoshes!

phil i guess quincy and holden are not related, holden's paws always smell like fritos. one of his first nicknames was fritofeet.

Anonymous said...

they can't be any worse than bathroom vending machine rubbers, which will run you about a dollar in quarters (and may come in exotic flavors--like strawberry!)

skippy haha said...

bjurk, i wouldn't trust those either. but don't you think there's a high rate of condom turnover in those vending machines? i'd trust those before i'd trust a box that had been sent to a dollar store for clearance.

Jessica said...

Never buy dollar store rubbers!!! EVER!