Friday, August 29, 2008

one-way radio

i haven't received an email since 2 AM last night. the,,, and sites are all down.

my deductive reasoning says there's something down at our servers in LA

i sent them a couple emails that probably didn't go through, and i sent a message through the contact form on their site so i am sure they know there's a problem

it's so strange to be at a computer and able to see every webpage (other than those 4) and not be able to retrieve emails. i am sure there have been messages sent to me in the last day, but whatever could they be?

i hope they are all being queued someplace so i can get them later

and i hope it is sooner than later

how did i survive before cyberspace?


Anonymous said...

Before cyberspace, we had phone lists, and we would just dial people up on their phone. If they weren't there we left a message with someone or an answering machine, not voicemail. Then came the internet and for the first two years not everyone had an e-mail address. That all changed when we got to college and suddenly most everyone was on cyberspace.

Back to the present. Nudge on your twitter!

skippy haha said...

phil on twitter how do you do @ptseng? do i have to do < a href blah blah or just type @psteng?
you know what i mean?

skippy haha said...

and thanks for the trip down memory lane, i used to talk on the phone a LOT. now it's like 5 minutes a month or less. i hate the radiation on my head, after i hang up from a cellphone my ear & head is hot. that can't be good! i use handsfree 90% of the time but sometimes i like to walk around the house so i have to have it up. i used to like the phones with long cords so i could walk around.

Anonymous said...

On twitter you can either just type @ptseng or @skippyhaha and it'll automatically link it, and the reply will show up on your twitter. You can also do a direct reply which won't show up on your twitter with "d ptseng" or "d skippyahaha."

I like the video here because it illustrates how people use twitter.

According to the latest radiation data, it seems like many new phones output slightly less radiation, but significant nonetheless. Even so, I try to use handsfree whenever possible. I like phones with long cords because you can participate in a game of jumprope while you're on a call. A cellphone with a long cord would be pointless but rad.

skippy haha said...

thanks phil! that is simple. i can't get the video to open but i will catch on.

and i still have 0 emails since thursday, it's getting extremely old. no response whatsoever from the web guys in LA. i miss the thrill of getting something!