Monday, August 25, 2008

holey hell

i'm going back to the dentist because i can't chew on one side. i got fillings a couple weeks ago and one of them started hurting so badly last thursday i've been unable to chew on it. it doesn't hurt during the day, only chewing. i am upset about the whole thing for many reasons:

1. at my checkup in june i had a brand new hygienist, it was her first day
2. she used the new 'diagnodent' laser machine to test teeth for cavities before she cleaned my teeth
3. you're supposed to use it AFTER cleaning the teeth
4. i have never had pain or sensitivity in any of my teeth at all, but they diagnosed me as having SIX cavities
5. i had the top 3 drilled and filled last week
6. they filled it with plastic containing BPA - the cancerous ingredient in baby bottles and water bottles and that whole mess
7. afterwards i asked how long they should last - like 15 or 20 years? and the hygienist laughed & said no only about 5 years
8. they charged me close to $1000 for all this
9. there's icy hot deep nerve pain every time i chew on the left side

i'm fairly furious about a lot of this, and i have cancelled my october appointment to get the bottom three 'cavities' filled. they want me to let them drill holes into my unpainful/unsensitive teeth, fill them with cancerous/dementia-causing plastic, charge me a thousand bucks, and get me to come back and re-fill them in some goddamn emergency situation when they fall out in the next five years for another $300 a tooth? are you fucking kidding?

my dentist is going to check it out today but i may need a root canal now in the painful tooth, this is all so ridiculous.


kid D said...

this may be a good time to think back to your higher ed days and use those tools to at least get a free root canal. i think they've screwed you skippy.

skippy haha said...

my dentist is so nice. they all felt bad, i was almost crying in the chair telling the lady about it, he felt very sorry and sanded down the fillings on the tooth that hurts so when i bite it doesn't hit the top, and said i have pulpitis - irritation of the pulp - and that can be either reversible or irreversible and we're not sure yet but treat it like an ankle sprain & don't eat on that side for a week and see how it goes. he took an xray & showed me that i did have small cavities and i could see them. he told me to get a lot of exercise to increase circulation to the tooth, like a mosquito pond - where the water's still there's mosquitos & bacteria but you wont have that in a rapid rushing river. and that makes sense. but im still going to put off having the bottom ones filled for a while.