Tuesday, August 26, 2008

prima facie

the man behind the counter at the post office
has a gray handlebar mustache
waxed up to points curving under
apple cheeks
he looks jolly but he's not
maybe he's sick of people asking
about it (i didn't)
or not asking about it
or expecting him to be jolly
because of his facial hair


JOHN said...

he was no aaron the UPS guy, that's for sure.

skippy haha said...

now you mention it he is similar to bill the ventura post office guy though!



jason said...
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jason said...

he would fit right in with the crew at my local post office...

By the way, we call this image prima facie.

Sorry I think I messed up that URL in the first comment. :P

skippy haha said...

jason that is very cool. i looked at your galleries and love how simple and striking they are. and the titles are great. coup de cube and big bang, and retrograde and celestial horizon all jumped out as most amazing.
everybody check them out!

j & h fine art

jason said...

Thanks for looking and for the kind words skippy!

It's been a little hobby of mine for a year or so. While I still enjoy landscape photography, it can been pretty unrewarding to plan a massive trip to the back country, only to arrive in bad weather and/or light... So I switched to shooting tiny little landscapes on the sides of freight train cars, abandoned warehouses, and other assorted urban blight. Subjects are everywhere... they're just not as obvious. Gotta open your eyes. :)

skippy haha said...

right on jason! they are really visually stunning, and your site is very clear and easy to navigate- kudos! i added you to the links on the side, if you ever check out the 'zenography' link over there, he is a local photographer here who also opens eyes to the not so obvious colors and textures all around. good stuff.