Thursday, August 21, 2008


a lot going on, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

kickball in asheville is a lot different from kickball in san diego. it is much more laid back, there are no set teams, 2 new captains pick boy girl boy girl from whoever shows up every time. there are babies on the field. there are no uniforms or cleats or refs. it is absolutely just as much fun.

i tried to spread the catching technique of 'the tuckoop' yesterday. when a pop fly is coming, get in a tuck/scoop position, and finish with 'squeeze the pillow.' there's no reason to fear the big red ball!


Anonymous said...

You know it is laid back when you have a mommy @ third base with a baby in one arm and a 40oz brown bag in the other hand. I love kickball.

kid D said...

wow. totally different than SD. the picking of the teams reminds me of junior high phys. ed. thank you God for making me a good athlete. i can't imagine being the last picked.

Anonymous said...

Wait...I am always the last picked. Is that bad?

Anonymous said...

yay ! our team 'Playin'Through' in SB uses that technique all the time....and of course we learned it from skippy.
we use ' happy feet...sticky fingers ' alot too.

kickball is everywhere ! hooray !


Anonymous said...

Wow your field looks awesome. We play in dirt and puddles!

skippy haha said...

happy feet, sticky fingers is awesome! we used to do elephants in the infield, sunflowers in the outfield (infielders swing their trunk/arms, outfielders wave their arms) to get ready for the kick.
phil it's astroturf. there is no green grass in western north carolina these days.

Anonymous said...

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