Monday, February 19, 2007

not longing haiku 70-76

she'll do anything
for kings & nothing for those
who need it the most

i want credit for
all the things i've done that you
pretended were yours

he is so low on
my list of priorities
his cries are not heard

you will suck me dry
you of razor sharp teeth &
the infinite maw

i may be laid back
but i'm not a pushover
give me what i'm due

my patience ran thru
i snapped & i stung you &
it's all a big welt

she is your twin and
you hate her more for it and
want her to be gone


Anonymous said...

so cynical... I love it! (especially 70, 71, 72, 76)

skippy haha said...

anger management
with 17 syllables
no more throwing things

Anonymous said...

the pen is indeed
mightier than oranges
thrown from your pocket

Anonymous said...

alone in the dark
24 hour revenge
is my therapy

skippy haha said...

yes music music
music music more music
best escape ever