Thursday, February 15, 2007

double shutout!

continuing their run of utter domination, the shickablooz won both championship games last night, held both teams of feisty & talented opponents scoreless, made kickball history and earned the coveted bobblehead trophy!

shickablooz aren't like bagels!
bagels have holes
shickablooz aren't like donuts!
donuts have holes
shickablooz ARE like waffles
no f'n holes!
say what
no f'n holes!
can't hear you


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Held your opponents scoreless for two games? That's no f'n holes! NO F'N HOLES!

Anonymous said...

My heroes!

skippy haha said...

it was awesome! noah, back row, second from right, was our pitcher and he was freaking amazing, nobody could kick his spin & everybody caught all the popflies all season long. it's so good to go out on top! wooooo hooooo!