Thursday, February 01, 2007


AB, CD Elephants?

MNO Elephants.


i think this was taught to me by 8th grade earth sciences teacher, Mr. Boyd. it's hard to look at scantron bubble sheets the same way again, without seeing thousands of rows of ABCDElephants. here was Mr. Boyd doing an experiment in the Stimson yearbook.

and here's what he signed in my yearbook -

he was the only teacher i had sign that yearbook. the rabbit he made is re: our 8th grade science project - Erin and I did one on PETA and testing bunnies, mainly so we could bring our rabbits (hers = Smokey, mine = Barney) into school, where they ran around crapping all over Mr. Fullam's english classroom.


Anonymous said...

os,icmp. p4melelphantss ahhhhhhhh

skippy haha said...


Anonymous said...

the fourth kid over has a sweet a$$ mullett!

skippy haha said...

i mean seriously. long island. early 90's. holy god.

Anonymous said...

no, no . . . yes.

jason said...

darren berger = saved by the bell.

skippy haha said...

susan falco = saved by her shirt tucked into skidz

jason said...

skidz are rad, sue falco is(was) scary.

sue falco had a cousin (or a younger brother... I really can't remember) that i was in cub scouts with. he was younger than i was, but a little tough guy. he seriously had some cojones. for some reason, he just decided he didn't like me, and he threatened to have his older cousin(sister?) beat me up! i really didn't pay it much mind, until i realized that sue was actually on board with this plan. and i realized this the day that the two of them confronted me, right there in the hallway between the auditorium and the office of countrywood.

i have this memory of the two of them approaching me slapping a bat in their hands, while i cowered away. of course there were no bats but it my mind eye, that's how it went down. she was only one grade older than i was, but way scary to me at the time. she was seriously bigger than i was.

from that day on, i was scared of sue falco.

ah, that's funny shit.

so, yeah...

i never would have remembered that had i not seen this picture. awesome.

skippy haha said...

jason, that is the best story ever. sue & her cousin (david kennedy maybe?) about to beat up a boy she didn't even know in elementary school. it should make you feel better to know that a bunch of older guys at whitman called her 'lola' because she walked like a woman but talked like a man. i went to her wedding in nyc a couple years ago, if you want to be scared all over again, go here for pictures

jason said...

david kennedy, that was the little rascal!

the 'lola' thing made me laugh... that's actually pretty clever for high school, but just a little bit mean... still funny though.

thanks for the pics. i'm happy to say that no repressed juvenile fears came rushing back, although it was fun to see a bunch of wally world people again. austen and stacey were surprises - and i haven't seen all-americerin since my loyola days.

good stuff. i'll quit pestering you in this old post... glad I stumbled across this though. :)