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Sunday, February 03, 2008


tracking green through town
adroit bar claws nails from boards
mix like a wizard

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

peace haiku 44 - 50

sip peppermint tea
hot cold hot cold spread hot cold
frosty warm heart balm

if we're all divine
then to believe in yourself's
to believe in god

structure & focus
doesn't let you add fluff fluff
haiku will you write

not so much lotion
as the act of applying
that promotes good health

respect goes both ways
& with it dances kindness
when they're gone they're gone

if you try you can't
fight the inevitable
you can quit the dread

this blow you've dealt will
end up being the best thing
that could've happened

Thursday, May 24, 2007

not longing haiku 77-83

sell it to people
who don't know the meaning of
words you are saying

make them buy two in
case this breaks an extra can't
hurt to have these days

keep them in fear and
you keep the high hand and you
rule all this damned land

doesn't matter your
name you're the one i will blame
when anything breaks

try as you might to
keep it alright the screws will
fall down to the floor

how do you lose a
bunch of trivial pursuit
cards? i don't get it

fat rubbery it
all bounces off but the ones
that cut deep stayed deep

Friday, April 20, 2007

tapes haiku & two more for four twenty

red scotch masking duct
mix packing electrical
measuring cassette

disease forces heroism from
those around it
brings out the best
takes the best

how long
will a sore throat
nag before it
screams & hits
or shuts the hell up

Monday, April 09, 2007

peace haiku 37-43

get to get green with
deepest inhale let it out
push reset button

fog puddles cloud road
wipers distract more than clear
proceed via gut

bold enough to ask
play cute pry my deepest cut
you'll get my gross truth

don't cheat on someone
you care about when it's so
easy to break up

problem method do
adapt repeat ritual
solvent solution

my religion is
realism try to see
things as they are now

transcend every
minute perspective & be
all the connections

Monday, February 19, 2007

not longing haiku 70-76

she'll do anything
for kings & nothing for those
who need it the most

i want credit for
all the things i've done that you
pretended were yours

he is so low on
my list of priorities
his cries are not heard

you will suck me dry
you of razor sharp teeth &
the infinite maw

i may be laid back
but i'm not a pushover
give me what i'm due

my patience ran thru
i snapped & i stung you &
it's all a big welt

she is your twin and
you hate her more for it and
want her to be gone

Friday, January 12, 2007

peace haiku 30-36

respite from the clock
released from the pressure of
time for a second

mind races finding
new categories spaces
then snacks interfere

evergreen ever
moist ever fresh every day
a garden to tend

how do we know it's
not lightning hitting ocean
creating cells life

sometimes dancing by
himself was the best way to
know he was alive

it's hard to work hard
on a tropical island
don't blame the natives

good stuff on sale &
cute boys from different schools on
good days at the mall

Friday, December 01, 2006

not longing haiku 63-69

singer just a whore
sell her talents to takers
come one come all pay

each interaction
rubs raw the nerves on the back
of my neck shreds them

much too intense for
me to belive that you would
be happy as friends

the right ones just left
the others hung back vultures
they swoop for the kill

i'd tell him & he'd
fall & then we'd both be stuck
with dangling bridges

when you soar and i
know you've stolen my wings i
wish you shot down lame

hovering breathing
heavy snorting and grunting
like the pig you are

Thursday, November 02, 2006

peace haiku 23-29

imagine them in
their underwear & know that
they want you to win

figs are full of red
sweet pulpy seeds to eat when
birds don't get there first

try best not to take
personally or assume
impeccable words

i hate your fear and
want you to be stronger than
i can imagine

push harder against
the tendency to just sit
there & do nothing

i'm sorry you cried
i tried to be honest &
gentle but couldn't

i can see past it
the walls of scars of blue pain
erupt swept away

not longing haiku 56-62

bored lady is painful to
look at forced phony

i don't trust you to
execute my ideas
where does that leave us

you poured paint in my
garden poisoned all of my
tomatoes bastard

you can't have lust's rush
and love's security at
the same time for long

petty pecking for
three years learn the lingo pass
bar you're a lawyer

jealous petulant
obstinate au contraire mon
frere get over it

same thing as before
different cast of characters
same thing as before

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

not longing haiku 49-55

ignorance is bliss
and yet we're still compelled to
learn at every turn

oh jesus christ god
almighty give me someone
to blame besides me

the toasty warm lives
i imagine for others
are cold & grinding

fertility drugs
blessing the rich with the curse
of the poor masses

if he could live that
long would all Holden's hair turn
gray eventually

cover your bases
with plastic foam padding &
you'll never get home

how long will you just
hide behind your bad choices
and pray for sunshine

Friday, September 29, 2006

not longing haiku 41-48

without tomorrow
should i save or should i spend
is a no brainer

to look like this is
my destiny what i do
with it is free will

wet empty sorry
evil danced in the shadows
it was a bad trip

lucky or perfect
if you're perfect you're lucky
not the other way

everybody's got
opinions but nobobdy
knows where they come from

the holy grail is
two faces together and
also the gold cup

to sleep means to dream
of concrete & dark & tires
rest these puffy eyes

it would be a crime
to live all these days & die
without yodeling

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

longing haiku 25-32

intense interest in
what you do all day how your
hours while away

waiting for the one
he would've moved for if she
had only asked him

deeper the valley
higher the mountain better
the view from the top

fresh green sap rush up
spiral thrust down spread out now
take root bloom like mad

the melody brings
me back to backseats when the
sun was clean & hot

you thought what i thought
our eyes meet flicker flicker
i thought what you thought

make me laugh so hard
i want to put you in my
pocket forever

Monday, September 18, 2006

not longing haiku 33-40

the sun goes down &
to be awake feels wrong &
lamps lit, we fight it

lost tossed would like to
gather moss but can't find a
rock to crawl under

if my last words are
it was fun while it lasted
things went pretty well

if i were a man
i could take a walk right now
without being scared

the cops have been called
you have set off an alarm
leave while you still can

one thing i believe
there is nothing inspiring
about suicide

we were friends one time
your petty desperation
ruins another meal

say the same things til
you melt into one big dull
person with no point

Monday, August 07, 2006

not longing haiku 25-32

stretch bend do push ups
if you don't touch your toes how
do you know you can

there's nothing like a
dog with a copter tail to
brighten you right up

buttery grilled cheese
hot chocolate thawing fingers
after shoveling

sometimes when you rhyme
the rhythm the rhythm the
rhythm is just off

when things seem a mess
break it down to ritual
take it step by step

i could sing along
the first time i heard it &
that's a good feeling

get to or have to?
hafta get or get to have?
resent or inspire

some things just are not
inevitable you don't
have to spill next time

Saturday, July 15, 2006

lucky singer haiku

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

peace haiku 17-22

if all of us are
bored why don't we do something
instead of nothing

you're not down & out
you've not yet begun to fight
we'll laugh at our fright

the more you can drink
the further you can get from
making a difference

why worry about
war when there's so much goddamned
wardrobe going on

you'll live forever
sing your legacy until
there is no more dust

it's never too late
when somebody believes it
could possibly work

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

not longing haiku 17-24

hate to distract or
mislead or play around or
break things i cant fix

dying alone is
a better fate than dying
next to one you hate

on the fairyland
battlefield pixie wings were
strewn all glittering

i saw you today
& felt like i didn' t know
you & never had

you try to be a
good dog & bring me the bone
i don't want a bone

would i be better
off in an accident with
you or by myself

string of accidents
brace myself for more to come
won't get you involved

when i paint flashes
of childhood come back to me
that is the best part

longing haiku 17-24

do right do right now
play nice 'neath the twisted bough
when your heart allows

i will bring you down
after dusting off wings you
forgot that you had

i long for old times
before i knew how to hate
how hate makes us cry

i long for old friends
to rise from their graves & live
like princes they were

you have lots of dirt
i have holes that can't be filled
and yes they're my own

there were good times too
in the middle of horror
things seem so funny

i painted something
while thinking of you and i
hung it already

there's a fine line and
sometimes i walk it sometimes
i'm way at the end

Thursday, April 13, 2006

not longing haiku 9-16

practiced at the art
of exclusion of those who
make everything wrong

they all have a ding
they're all banged up in some way
and then there are those

i try to inspire
candle's wick electric wire
don't touch leaping fire

i'll give it for free
and take it for free, when the

strings attach, i'm gone

fear of the unknown
possibility of pain
destruction failure

selfish demon lurks
i'm not who i think i am
we'll all be surprised

every second counts

i'm so impatient that i
eat green bananas

young sad high late night
you forget sleep is not death
there's another chance