Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WTF Wednesday: Fallen Tree, Crouching Unicorn

Good morning, Wednesday! Good morning, WTF-ery! Let's scratch our heads. 

First here are some weather-related WTF's. 

A major storm blew through here and knocked a neighbor's white pine tree across our driveway yesterday. 

pine tree down on driveway

The rain gauge had a field day - 2.25 inches in 24 hours! 


Now a couple more vintage record albums:

Looks like a normal 60's religious singing record, but with an Indian twist. Her dress is slightly Bollywood, and the scene is definitely Eastern, but her hair is 100% Mississippi Gospel. Barbara Maharaj.


This lovely family donned matching rodeo gear, sat in a pasture, and looked longingly at roses. JL and the Country Squires - Living in the Present and Loving (roses) in the Past. 


Here's a nice example of rustic native art:

Koko the coco gorilla?  WTF?!

Finally here's a ceramic unicorn. What is he doing? Dying? Kneeling? Sharpening his horn?


As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions.

For more vintage wtf wonders (for sale), click here: vintage wtf

New WTF this week:


Anonymous said...

Don't Coventry Squire women have legs? That's truly WTF.

kid D said...

I think the unicorn is bowing to the unicorn queen. I'm sure they kept that piece for themselves.

skippy haha said...

@Anon- their dresses are so perfectly spread out around them, they look like Christmas tree skirts!

@kidD - Kevin had the same idea! the unicorn is bowing to his queen. this led to a discussion of unicorn genders: "can there be a male unicorn?" "yes unicorns are both genders, how else do you get baby unicorns?"