Thursday, October 30, 2014

good night, henry

a little spark of joy in this world was snuffed yesterday as my parents had to say goodbye to their almost 9 year old cavalier king charles spaniel, Henry.

sweet lovebucket

henry was my fluffy little brother.

he loved to ride in the car.

henry at the wheel

he loved to eat cookies.

henry want a cookie?

he loved to sit on laps.

kevin dad henry

he loved to prewash dishes.


he came to visit asheville and had a ball strolling down kimberly ave.

panting pup

he loved going to the bank.

henry at the bank

mostly he loved sitting around looking regal and sweet.


he was a happy go lucky puppy and we will all miss him.

thirsty henry


Anonymous said...

Perfect...Thanks Big Sis

Tearful MOM

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lelly....he would have liked this.

kid D said...

Oh man. Sorry mom and dad. Henry, please say hello to Holden, Nacho and Baxter for us.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they find each other Kid D. They can use a break. Maybe they can start their own posse.

skippy haha said...

Friendliest posse ever!