Thursday, April 19, 2012

breakdance teddy bear 1982

i found some treasures in the basement this weekend which my mom was kind enough to box up and send down here. 

 this is what i was thinking about in second grade. breakdancing teddy bears.


kid D said...

we used to bring large pieces of cardboard and our ghetto boxes to the basketball court before school in the second grade. my boyfriend, evan fricke, was the best moonwalker in the school. this in turn made me pretty damn cool myself. we used to wear parachute pants with bandanas tied right above our knee. we were rad!

skippy haha said...

haaaa! the early 80s -what a great time to be 8 years old! did capezio jazz shoes make it out to tulsa? i didn't have parachute pants, but if i did, i would have worn them with my jazz shoes.

kid D said...

i don't remember the jazz shoes. must not have made it all the way to okie town. we liked 'roos, vans and converse.

Anonymous said...

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