Friday, April 06, 2012

new good things

gonna get back on the blog horse from the new house with a list of good things:

1. the internet here is fast and reliable. this may seem like a small deal, but for somebody who had aggravated charter repair visits on a more-than-monthly basis for the last 2 years, this is a Big Deal.

2. the water pressure is awesome. my shower is no longer a clawfoot tub designed for a child. the plastic shower liners do not sweep in and give me unwanted mildewy hugs.

3. kid D's sweet little girl teylor
scores a soccer goal.

4. betsy's "
great list" - i love this idea. i love her attitude of gratitude. i love her link to our old friend from san diego dr. adam tibble's letter from afghanistan to anderson cooper

5. there are surprisingly good restaurants around here in east asheville. who knew? i didn't. east village grille. cafe azalea. pomodoro's (which i mistakenly thought was 1. a chain and 2. like olive garden based on their signs. note to  restauranteurs - be careful of too-slick/clean-looking marketing material!)

6. my biggest t-shirt order of all time came this week: 10 t-shirts to a girl in texas. yee haw!

7. the amaryllis in the photo re-bloomed 1.25 years later. i kept watering it and the leaves kept growing for a year and then a new shoot shot up and now BOOM giant pink flowers towering many feet in the air above the pot.

8. had a couple rugs and couches cleaned today. they look and smell like new, now with 98% less dog fur. thank you
five step carpet care

9. eli turned 8 this week. he got a big ball of raw hamburger meat. he enjoyed this. nacho got a miniball. he enjoyed his, too.


Anonymous said...

everything's bigger in texas! glad the new place is so great. i'm sure the boys are having a blast. -kid D

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back in the game. Looks like you had a lot of really good things happen while you were busy moving. Missed your insights on life.

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

YAY! SO excited for you. A list of good things IS good!

Ashevillain said...

5. Don't forget about Cocula, Filo and The Ultimate Ice Cream Company.

Also, I'm excited for the new Latin restaurant about to open next to Bojangles.

skippy haha said...

thanks Ashevillain! we didn't have the greatest first experience at cocula, unfortunately. i'm excited to try filo, have heard great things. also i love ultimate ice cream, only been to the one on charlotte st. so far. another good place is ole's guacamole. 99cent draft! :)

Ashevillain said...

That's weird about Cocula...I've been eating there for years and never had a problem. I don't like their house salsa...have to ask for one of their hot salsas if you want some flavor.

Ole Guac is pretty good too. Also if you want to go a little further in to Swannanoa there is a bomb burrito joint called La Bamba Burrito Express (owned/operated by some folks who used to work at Mamacita's), El Lemon taco truck, and another more traditional Mexican joint. Sorry, I get a little carried away with Mexican food sometimes.

Filo is tha bomb. Their desserts are so rich that I rarely eat there but always enjoy it when I do.

Hopefully one day we'll have some sidewalks instead of having to walk on the goat paths to reach some of these places (I live right next to the VA).