Monday, April 09, 2012

littering and

i haven't seen a display of littering like this since the 80's. 

830 am. 

waiting for the light to change. 

girl in maxima goes through the mcdonald's drive-thru. 

rolls down window. 

tosses out some coffee onto pavement. (okay fine). 

20 seconds later tosses out plastic cream container. (not fine) 

10 seconds later tosses out another plastic cream container. (seriously) 

10 seconds later tosses out a stirrer. (no joke)


had i been a male, i would have gone up to her window and confronted her. 

as it stands, i encourage anybody who knows this girl who drives a black nissan maxima, maryland plates 9FL D49, to throw your trash on her doorstep.


kid D said...

seriously? how does she sleep at night? i can't imagine!

Anonymous said...

This person must live her life this way. I suspect the inside of her car is wretched and wherever she lives is too. I can't imagine she litters to keep her car and abode clean. I saw something similar once. It was a delivery van. It had a 1-800 number on the back. It was a big company. I called and talked to the national sales manager and told him how all the good he's trying to attain for his company is being thrown out the window by his moron drivers throwing their garbage out of theirs. I can't say he did anything but based on his anger I think he did. How about emailing the Maryland and North Carolina State Police?

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

Eww. To me, it would be so embarrassing (and wrong) to litter. It's hard to think people just do it w/o thinking

Shannon said...

This sort of stuff pisses me off... especially when it comes to styrofoam and cigarette butts. 'Anonymous' has a good point; She must live her life this way.

We just got back from a week stay in Brooklyn, NY and it's really bad there. This sort of behavior seems to be the norm - which is so disgusting - to ME. I like this bumper sticker I see on a car around town that reads: "You're still littering? Really?"

skippy haha said...

thanks for the support, all! i was totally floored. i almost went up and just picked it up right next to her without saying anything. i didn't want to get hit.

i passed her and yes, her car was very messy too.

shannon, i am surprised that brooklyn is littery! very surprised! i would think those hipsters would have a greater sense of guilt.

Anonymous said...

Sadly there are still parts of Brooklyn where littering exists. You shouldn't be so surprised Skip. Just a litle bit of hipsters live there.

Anonymous said...

Along the same about this one. Up in the Northeast everything is dry as a bone. No rain and no snow cover this winter. Brush fires are popping up all over. On the way to work this morning it was dark so I could see this. The car in front of me flipped a lit cigarette out the window. Sparks flew as it hit the road. How could this idiot not know that he could have started a fire as simply as that?

skippy haha said...

i thought littering had kind of died out since the 80's. i just googled it:
"self-reported littering has fallen in the last 40 years."
they are living in their own world, population 1.