Monday, April 04, 2011

happy birthday eli vs the bears

today eli turns 7. he's a good boy.

he had a big weekend. this photo is a reenactment of what happened.

he was off-leash on a quiet mountain road around 11AM. all of a sudden, he bounded down the side of the hill off the road, ears up. there were two tiny bear cubs and a giant mama bear.

right there.

the bear cubs scooted up the tree, the mama bear held her ground.

eli got within a foot or two of the mama.

the 4 people on the road started screaming "ELI! ELI! ELI COME! COME! COME HERE ELI!"

eli turned around and came back. we kept walking. we were 15 feet from the bears. it was freakin crazy.


Anonymous said...

seriously? that is so freaking scary. what a brave and crazy ass dog. i would have been terrified. -kid D

Anonymous said...

Was Eli's reaction to protect us or was it to show offense to something menacing? Either way, he somehow knew to pull back. Kevin's voice? Our voices in chorus? The size of something that wasn't about to give way? I don't know but if videoed it would have been on the nightly news everywhere. The outcome was the best. The potential was the worst. Very scarey!

Anonymous said...

When Eli jumped off the road it's important to know that the bear was about 20 feet away and Eli was going DIRECTLY at her down a leave covered embankment with a pitch of probably 45 degrees. The bear was in a great position to lurch forward and take Eli out but somehow Eli was nimble enough to stop his 165 vaulting body, turn around, and climb away without falling right into the bear. Seriously I'm not making it up!

skippy haha said...

he is not making it up! it was really WILD. i think Eli's reaction was at first curiosity. and unbeknownst to us at the time, all 4 of us screaming at him to come back probably scared the bear, which is good.

Anonymous said...

I was also there....just a crazy scenario...Thankfully everybody is fine...& what a story!!!

Shannon Fowler-Wardrep said...

Freaky! Brave dog (nervous grin.)