Friday, April 22, 2011

blood drops

yesterday i thought nacho was dying.

he has been throwing up the past few days. nothing new. he has a sensitive stomach and combined with being a counter-surfer, he throws up often.

then i saw a big drop of dark blood on top of the stairs. and there were big drops of blood going down all the stairs.

i was convinced nacho ate a roofing nail and was throwing up blood.

then eli solved the mystery. he went over to a 'seed' on the floor and sniffed it and looked at us. he was telling us not to worry, it was just an engorged tick the size of a grape.

then we saw another giant tick carcass next to the blood drops on the stairs.

then the dogs got frontline flea and tick medicine.


kid D said...

ugh. i hate tics. they totally freak me out.

skippy haha said...

me too! totally wretched animals.

phil said...