Friday, November 13, 2009

well that was quick

it took all of two weeks for my brother & his lovely bride to conceive my first niece or nephew. pretty freakin awesome, due next spring, they're all doing great, i hope it looks just like me!

in the meantime, thanks to an evil panda, i must recommend ciao bella gelato - especially key lime and graham cracker flavor - and you don't have to be incubating a human to enjoy it.


kid D said...

congrats to the parents and to aunt skippy, uncle henry and the grandparents. your lives will never be the same.

Anonymous said...

Great heads up with the Gelato. Found some at King Kullen and I think it was devoured last night.. Got a pistacchio-pistacchio one too. I'll have to see if there is any of that left when I get home tonight. All I've had was a spoonful of each. Another way to make life better. Good tip.

Anonymous said...

What makes Gelato different than ice cream? Panache?

skippy haha said...

thanks kid d!

anonymous - i probably shouldn't even tell you this, but they make a malted milk ball flavor too! also the hazelnut and the chocolate hazelnut are awesome. and so is the blood orange and the mango. you need a couple pints with so you get more than a spoonful with that crew.
gelato is ice cream made by a man wearing a gold chain.