Monday, November 09, 2009

Eli might have peed a little on Nacho

tres amigos, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

went to asheville this weekend, and here's the dog report card from the pet sitter nana shanna -

"My friends were so happy to see me! I got the best greeting ever! After we said our hellos, I put Holden on a leash & outside we went, flashlight & all. They piddled (I think Eli might have peed a little on Nacho, who got just a little too close...I wiped him off w/ wet paper towel just in case) & Nacho & Holden doodied. Eli was too busy getting me to play ball. So I gave Eli dinner while the boys got some loves. Gave fresh water & did one more potty-try outside. Eli finally went & they all sniffed around. I tucked them in with lots of loves and rubs before I left. Oh & we played a little "I'm gonna get you!" - So fun!"


phil said...

Watch out Nacho. Watch out for pee!

kid D said...

it's nice to have a dependable sitter.

Anonymous said...

How old is nana shanna? She sounds like a GREAT dog sitter...don't know if I'd leave my kids with her card a little over the top...don't you think...or is it me?
Is she a burnt out hippie?


skippy haha said...

i have no idea how old she is. it's nana's petsitting, and nana linda came over to meet the dogs & get the keys, and she is about 60 years old i think, but she has sent nana shanna every time to feed the dogs & leave these awesome notes.
i picture nana shanna looking like this and driving a dog down the street.
nana shanna