Wednesday, November 04, 2009

dcuble ccupons

harris teeter rules.

when drinking beer, from time to time i especially enjoy highland brewing's oatmeal porter because it's smooth and dark and sweet and made in asheville. the local harris teeter here in charlotte doesn't carry it, though they do carry highland's gaelic ale which is also delicious.

yesterday i went to the customer service desk looking for a request card to fill out & the girl said to write my name, #, and what i want on this piece of paper and she'd put it in 'her' box. i just got a voicemail from harris teeter that my beer's ready to pick up at the service desk.

pretty good.


skippy haha said...

it was a case of beer, for some reason i thought it'd be a six pack. it was 4 six packs in a box. sweet.

Shad Marsh said...

whenever I ask to leave something in a ladies box I get slapped in the face. What's your secret?

skippy haha said...

i spoke in pig latin. try that & let us know!