Thursday, November 02, 2006

peace haiku 23-29

imagine them in
their underwear & know that
they want you to win

figs are full of red
sweet pulpy seeds to eat when
birds don't get there first

try best not to take
personally or assume
impeccable words

i hate your fear and
want you to be stronger than
i can imagine

push harder against
the tendency to just sit
there & do nothing

i'm sorry you cried
i tried to be honest &
gentle but couldn't

i can see past it
the walls of scars of blue pain
erupt swept away


Anonymous said...

Sometimes its hard to
Tell what the difference is in
peace and not longing

Anonymous said...

peace means all's okay
not longing means get away
longing means closer

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering
my frequently asked questions
with a peace haiku

Anonymous said...

thanks for reading and
adding your thoughts & questions
you're skippy haha