Friday, December 01, 2006

not longing haiku 63-69

singer just a whore
sell her talents to takers
come one come all pay

each interaction
rubs raw the nerves on the back
of my neck shreds them

much too intense for
me to belive that you would
be happy as friends

the right ones just left
the others hung back vultures
they swoop for the kill

i'd tell him & he'd
fall & then we'd both be stuck
with dangling bridges

when you soar and i
know you've stolen my wings i
wish you shot down lame

hovering breathing
heavy snorting and grunting
like the pig you are


Anonymous said...

You'd have to be numb
if you can't feel the sting of
sixty-four and five

skippy haha said...

sting is a nice way
to put it when really i'm
just being a bitch


whatever i wrote
in those crazy syllables
was true at the time

Anonymous said...

These haikus you write
do not need a disclaimer
whether true or not


Thank you skippy for
giving us a glimpse of your
mind I can relate

skippy haha said...

thank you s h phil
for leaving comments it's nice
to know youre out there!