Thursday, September 11, 2014

daily sugarhoney: sugar swimming

my friend betsy sent me this picture yesterday.

she had to point out it was not a lunch box/carrier, and was in fact a puppy life preserver.

great idea, but...sugarhoney doesn't need no stinking life preserver!

sugarhoney swimming lessons

she gets swimming lessons from kevin!

swimming sugarhoney

and she takes her swimming very seriously.

sugarhoney concentration swimming

very seriously!


kid D said...

She could not look more serious...and cute!

Anonymous said...

Does she enjoy it....or is she a little scared?


skippy haha said...

@kidD - she's on a mission!

@MOM - i think she likes it! she does not sink anymore. she doesn't swim around or anything - just paddles her little feet right back to the bank. but when she gets out she is not shaking or whining or running from the river. she watches pouncey and eli playing and wants to join them. soon enough!