Thursday, September 04, 2014

here lie nacho and holden

here lies nacho and holden

it's been 7 hours and 22 days, since you took your love awaaaaay.  (nothing compares to nachodoggy).

can't believe it's already been 3 weeks since we brought nacho home and kevin dug a big hole under the grandest tree in our yard.

nacho's tree
Only one tree in the sun, it is nachodoggy

it's a giant white oak and it dominates the canopy with its perfect shape.

i put holden's ashes inside with him, so they will be together forever.

kevin's sister so sweetly gave us a gift card to a nursery to plant things around them. he surrounded them with hostas and some flowering shade plants.

we found a perfectly nacho-shaped rock by the river and i painted it as a headstone.

i've gone down every day to say hola to them. i wish they were still alive, but i'm happy they are together again and close by and they will fertilize a beautiful tree.

crossed paws

i love you dogs!


kid D said...

Nachodoggy immortalized in acrylic hit the mail yesterday. I think you should get it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

bean dip and salsa on that nachochip headstone. classy.

skippy haha said...

@kidD - i cannot wait! yessssss!

@anon - good eye! i was going for bean dip color.