Tuesday, April 15, 2014

florida, alabama, and sinking cars

spent the past few days in tallahassee where the skies were fantastically blue and 82.  had some Apalachicola oysters that were plump and delicious but not salty. i went thrifting and scored some great stuff like a 70's Florida State Seminoles golf shirt. pouncey came with us and got an A+.

went to the FSU student circus. the only animals were humans. the students do not get paid, and do not get class credit, they do it for fun. they were flipping, juggling, twirling, clowning, and balancing all over the place.

watched a really cool documentary last night called 'muscle shoals.' so many awesome albums of the 70's - 80's were recorded in that little town. rolling stones, bob seger, bob dylan, percy sledge, on and on. the archival footage of aretha franklin in her 20's was worth the watch alone. if you like southern rock, or any rock, or any music at all, this movie is a must see. i found myself often covered in goose bumps and occasionally tears.


if you want to read something absolutely terrifying but also full of good information - How to Escape from a Sinking Car


shuds said...

roll down the window, don't try to open the door.

skippy haha said...

use a shoe

kid D said...

i approve of that kind of circus. i do not approve of the kind with animals. i could also do without clowns.

i will definitely watch that documentary. i guess that's where the line, "muscle shoals has got the swampers and they've been known to pick a few..." comes from in sweet home alabama.

i have a window breaking tool in my glove box. as long as i can get to my glove box, i'm good.