Thursday, April 10, 2014

the best i've ever seen 'em

these 5 different trees have made themselves into a little family. from afar they look like 1 tree.

update on the oil pulling - went to the dentist yesterday and the very sweet hygienist i've been going to since 2007 said my teeth were 'the best i've ever seen 'em.' i haven't had any head cold symptoms in 4 months now. i am keeping it up! 

i've been spending a huge amount of time the past 2 months getting a website together where i can sell my vintage clothing.  it will take me months plural for me to load all 1200 items into the new site, but slowly but surely i am getting there and i hope to have it done by june. the site is live now and open for business, but i want to get everything up there before really publicizing it. but i like how it turned out and it is getting there!


A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

Well I just may have to try this oil pulling! I just picked up some cold pressed coconut oil from earthfare. I tried cooking with it and I don't like how it changes the taste of the food. At least savory food. I used it as a moisturizer. That was good.

skippy haha said...

@Jessica - i hear you on changing the flavor! we have used it to stir fry vegetables and to cook fish with pretty good results. i think it's a really great moisturizer. also good on hair frizz. try oil pulling!