Thursday, May 31, 2012

day lily day

this is a day lily. 

it is not a tiger lily. 

the bloom of a tiger lily faces downward.

this is a day lily in the color of a tiger.

this day lily is also called a ditch lily.

today is day lily day in the yard. they are blooming like locos. 

(information about tiger lily vs. day lily came from this site.)


kid D said...

you have no idea how much experience i have with this flower. my grandfather used to grow them, hundreds of them, on his 10 acres.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Pouncey in the lillies?

skippy haha said...

that must've been beautiful this time of year! the internet said each flower only blooms for one day. pouncey attacks the lilies like a nitwit. in this picture he was probably attacking a pile of bunny turds elsewhere in the yard.