Monday, May 21, 2012

bastard pouncey

as a reward for his incredibly sweet behavior in the face of non-stop punk-ass puppy onslaught, nacho is going straight to heaven. not passing go. pay no mind to the fact that he is missing half his teeth. nacho a good boy.


Anonymous said...

Punk Ass? this the same Pouncey Mommy who has shown us all how fab he is for the last few weeks? What did he do? What is he doing to Nach?

skippy haha said...

pouncey a good boy too. just going through a chewing stage. chewing on nacho stage. just look at his evil little face about to chomp angelic nacho's tail.

Anonymous said...

I am in a three day homeland security/FEMA/critical incident training. I was thinking about tornados and how you were seeing first-hand the immense damage they can cause about thus time last year.


skippy haha said...

kid D - that was a crazy train trip. right through tuscaloosa 2 days post-tornado. there are some pictures here:

quite sobering