Thursday, March 03, 2011


one of the most random things about asheville is the colony of rondette houses up on the mountain close to downtown.

this is from the april 1969 issue of popular mechanics, where they showed you how to build your own rondette.

these things are still standing. they're not in the best shape. not sure a flat roof is a great idea for a temperate rain forest, many of them have makeshift tarps on the roof.

rondettes are not to be confused with weaver chicken rondelets, which i used to eat out of the toaster oven growing up. i seem to recall a layer of cheese under the breading.


kid D said...

i'm not a designer or an architect, but it seems a cone-shaped roof would be most appropriate.

skippy haha said...

i agree. more like the smurf's mushrooms. unless you're in a desert, flat roofs (rooves?) are bad idea jeans!