Tuesday, March 08, 2011

satchel paige's incredible business card

saw an episode of 'auction kings' last night with one of satchel paige's old business cards. he printed this on the back:

1. Avoid fried meats which angry up the blood.
2. If you stomach disputes you, lie down and pacify it with cool thoughts.
3. Keep the juices flowing by jangling around gently as you move.
4. Go very light on the vices, such as carrying on in society. The social ramble ain't restful.
5. Avoid running at all times.
6. Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you.

i googled it & found he called this "How to Keep Young."
pretty fucking badass!


Anonymous said...

"Keep the juices flowing by jangling around gently as you move."

I wonder if this means we should go comando and burn our bras as well. We would jangle much better without these items. - kid D

skippy haha said...

ha! i think that's definitely implied here.

patrick said...

Your photo reminded me... yesterday, on the way back from the post office, I passed by a ball diamond where a tryout or practice session was going on. The kids were all about the size seen here, and—with the exception of a couple—all looked to be rather unskilled as ball players. I love baseball, so it warmed my heart to no end watching these little people make their first few baby steps (almost literally) as baseball players. I was a little disheartened, though, that there were probably no more than about eight kids. It makes my heart ache to see baseball take a backseat to football, basketball (somewhat) and video games. As a kid, that's all I wanted to do once spring came around and the ground was dry enough to get out with the ball and bat.

skippy haha said...

@patrick - i love watching little league too. at least a few innings. not sure i'd be thrilled to sit through an entire season.

are you sure baseball is taking a backseat? maybe it was an off day. i need statistics!

i agree with it being better than video games. but if a kid is into football or basketball over baseball, i say at least they're into something active. maybe their abilities are better lined up for those other sports. baseball is less dangerous. football should probably be outlawed. i love basketball though. men's basketball. women can't jump high enough to make watching women's basketball worthwhile. i'm not anti-womens sports and truly prefer women's tennis, soccer, diving, stuff that requires grace but no jumping.

patrick said...

I would agree that it would probably be tough to watch an entire little league game in which one of my children weren't playing.

I do think baseball is taking a backseat to football and basketball thanks to the many outrageous personalities they have produced over the last twenty years. It sickens me that more kids would probably want to model themselves after the Deion Sanders of this world instead of the Barry Sanders—possibly one of the classiest human beings to ever wear a professional uniform of any sport. I don't know that there are any statistics available, but rarely do I see baseball diamonds in city parks being used anymore. They are often grown over with weeds.

I've never been a huge fan of basketball, but I like watching college basketball. I wouldn't miss the NBA if it were to go away today. I have never liked watching NBA basketball, not even prior to the rise of Dr. J and the showboat dunksters that populate the league these days. Women's basketball doesn't appeal to me all that much either, but then, as I said, basketball has never done much for me anyway.

patrick said...

As a side note, I went to a preview screening of WIN WIN last night. It featured high school wrestling, a sport I love. I wrestled briefly in high school (as well as after high school in a few AAU events), so it was great to see it as an integral part of the film. (I felt similarly about The World According To Garp.)