Thursday, March 17, 2011


i am crying laughing watching this.


kid D said...

oh my gosh. i just want to hug her and tell her it's okay and she's forgiven. too freaking funny!

skippy haha said...

me too! poor denver! just cant resist the cat treats.

i do the same exact thing when i walk in and there's a mess of mangled food wrapper on the floor. go from dog to dog saying "did you do this?! did you do this?! GET ON THE BED!' and they don't make the full-on smiley/growly face but they put their ears back and do the scamper of shame to their bed.

here's nacho doing his version of the smiley face after eating a case of poprocks:

patrick said...

"The video you have requested is not available."

skippy haha said...

it was not available, but is now available!

mappycamper said...

ah....all those old photos made me miss you really bad! ; ) i can't believe nacho ate a whole CASE ! oh, wait, i can believe it. haha.

love mappycamper !

skippy haha said...

mappy! i miss YOU!

nacho had some help from his friend holden. the two of them had dyed-red snapping whiskers. it was scaring them but they couldn't stop eating the sugar!