Monday, November 15, 2010

the forest glen inn

the forest glen inn was my house.

i was 9 years old and had been living in new york - huntington, long island, for about 2 years and we had many many visitors friends and family from rhode island stay in the guest room during that time.

it was mainly my grandparents - flops & drez - and the revens

i painted a wooden sign and put it in the driveway when guests were coming. i made that flyer on print shop and colored it in. i made comment sheets and did turndown service. this was the first comment sheet that i typed on my dad's old real typewriter.

drezza easter weekend 1986:

after this, i typed one and my dad brought it to work and made copies for me.

revens 1987:

at this point i seem to have charged my grandma for some lavender crap someone gave me: 

i never worked in a real hotel


Jay said...

Were you bored often as a child?

aunt jojo said...

Skippy, as Flops used to like to say, "you're a pip!". lol, so funny that you still have these things to entertain us. and Drez was pretty funny in her responses. Saw REK Sat night in Westerly- fantastic! Thought of you the whole time. xox

skippy haha said...

jay - not really...i read a lot...and turned my house into an inn...and had rabbits...and followed the 86 mets...and fought my brother with knives...who had time to be bored?

thanks aunt jojo! i have 5 more of these that drez filled in - she was a trooper. so glad you went to REK! and that you had fun! rock n roll!

mappycamper said...

that is hilarious!!!

skippy haha said...

thanks mappy!

JB said...

This totally doesn't resemble the activity of a bored child. I think it would be the opposite. Role-playing, imagination, interactivity... hope my children enjoy family visits as much... i may have to pretend that they suggested this to me for them to do!

were the rabbits for fun or food?

skippy haha said...

the rabbits were for fun but not very fun. they were for not getting me a dog. barney and fluffy. they were not even close to as good as a dog. i will have to post about them in the future.