Saturday, November 20, 2010

5 Nut peanut! 5 Nut peanut!

in the world of roasted peanuts, there are many 2 and 3 nut peanuts. the vast majority have 2 or 3 nuts inside.

then there are way too many 1 nut peanuts. so much work for so little reward.

very rarely will i find a good 4 nut peanut. i am always grateful when i do.

i have heard of the mystical 5 nut peanut, but until last night never really believed they existed. kevin swore he had one a couple months ago, but then squirrelled the nuts into his mouth too fast before i could do a proper accounting.

but last night it all came together and i reached in the bowl and pulled out a real live 5 NUT PEANUT!


i feel like meryl streep in adaptation hunting the white ghost orchid. or ahab in moby dick hunting humps like snowhills.

it's a great feeling!


EDIT: just checked wikipedia ("peanut") and now i believe this peanut really was a wonder of nature! they don't even acknowledge the fact that 5 seed pods EXIST!

The fruits have wrinkled shells that are constricted between pairs of the one to four (usually two) seeds per pod.


JB said...

did you eat it?

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

Leave it to you Skippy to bring Wiki to it's knees

skippy haha said...

jb - totally. first i cried. then i ate it. i have the split shell. i may shellac it and make them in to earrings.

og - :)

JB said...

i say use it in a textural piece of art (like your hair piece (no pun intended) perhaps alongside Ganesha. That would be something..

skippy haha said...

niice! you mean my fur piece. elephants love peanuts. hmmmmm...

Unknown said...

I have never even seen a 4 nut peanut let alone a 5. Came to the blog after eating peanuts tonight and wondered how rare 4 nut peanut were.

skippy haha said...

Thanks for the comment, Jim- glad I could help!

Unknown said...

I have a 4 nut peanut, never thought I would hear of one better. Now seek for the 6 nut peanut.