Monday, May 14, 2007

wet on arrival

JFK new york sat on the runway
2 hours waiting to take off
arrive in Cincinnati 30 minutes after
my flight the last flight
to asheville left. got hotel
voucher took Marriott shuttle
with 10 other people Delta screwed
one girl about 25 years old
trying to get to Memphis for a funeral
mother and daughter to Louisville
calling for substitute teacher for tomorrow
everybody trying to get home
check into hotel elevator to second floor
turn left to room card out ready to swipe
turn corner & there's the girl going to funeral
outside her room next to mine
with her rolling suitcase next to her
pants around her ankles
squatting in front of her door
i said 'oh!'
she said 'sorry' & scooted back closer to her door
i said 'that's okay'
she kept peeing
i swiped my door key card
& went in my room


kid D said...

another reason you should always wear shoes in the hotel room or down the hall to get ice. talk about getting some funky feet.

sh30 said...

Well that was an interesting experience.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why anyone would do that

bjurk said...

Yikes. very weird. poor girl. maybe it's a mormon thing.

skippy haha said...

yes bjurk it may be a mormon thing but she was black & i don't think the church of latter day saints takes black people. my theory is things were so stressed after the flight with going to find the hotel arrangements she had been holding it for many hours and finally got to her door & her keycard didn't work right away and those were her only pants that she had to wear to the funeral today so that's why she didn't just pee herself standing there (as i would've done). it was interesting to me too sh30 :) i'm pretty sure the hotel had surveillance cameras, it might end up on youtube so keep a lookout.

bjurk said...

No black mormons? au contraire! Separate in their mormonage, but equal in the eyes of Joseph Smith.

skippy haha said...

Q. Did the Mormon Church ever teach that black people were cursed and the descendants of Cain?

A. Yes, the Church taught this doctrine ("The Curse of Cain Doctrine") as official doctrine for 130 years (1848-1978). The Curse of Cain Doctrine was never taught by the Prophet Joseph Smith. It was introduced by Brigham Young in 1848. The Church taught that people of black African lineage (descent) were the descendants of Cain, who killed Abel, and could not hold the Priesthood or enter Mormon Temples until the Curse was removed. In June 8th, 1978, Church President Spencer W. Kimball announced that all worthy males may receive the Priesthood. From that moment, black Mormons males have the Priesthood, and black Mormons may enter Mormon Temples and receive the blessings associated with it.

Q. Are black mormons allowed to pee in hotel hallways?

A. Yes, this is encouraged.

kid D said...

i wonder if she is related to the father of my child. his grandma's funeral was in memphis that wednesday. i'll have to ask if someone missed a flight to the funeral. wouldn't that be strange? i hope my kiddo doesn't think it's okay to pee in hotel halls.

skippy haha said...

that is wild kid d! she would've been the one with pee on her shoes. shouldnt you be calling him your babydaddy? teylor can pee in hotel halls if she wants, she's THAT cute.