Thursday, May 31, 2007

mr. freeman


Anonymous said...

mr. freeman sounds like one hot principal. i had mr. worley. mr. worley was a cowboy who wore a cowboy hat, boots, polyester pants and drove an old dodge pick up truck. he called my jabber jaws instead of jj.

Anonymous said...

this is too funny. the description and picture are simply fantastic--his giant smile looks like a chinstrap for his helmet. I assume he wore short sleeve button down shirts with cotton ties. classic.

and I thought the only adults who drove mopeds were those who had their licenses taken away for DUI (or who were trying to meet high school girls)

skippy haha said...

jabber jaws!!! principal in a cowboy hat would be so sweet. i don't know why mr. freeman drove a moped, it could've been a combination of both those reasons bjurk. or maybe he just felt sporty that way?